Tall Tale Barry’s Snake Oil

Barack gave his make or break speech, and fell more on the side of breaking than making. He shallowly delved into some minutiae enough to bore, but not enough to convince one that this bill will do what he promises. I don’t think it was a total failure, but the fact that most of the news centers around the outburst of his detractor and not anything particular to the speech itself shows that it had little to no affect on his sinking fortunes. Charles Krauthammer offered a particularly accurate summation of the speech when he said “He sounded smooth and polished and strong and convincing – and what he was selling was snake oil, that is, a completely bogus claim.” Krauthammer is the most insightful and incisive pundit out there right now. He’s amazing. SO I humbly place this small offering on the altar of the KROWT!