Jan Brewer: Making it hard for MexyCons to defend the GOP

This is really disappointing and I hope Jan Brewer retracts these comments and apologizes for them:

I have no problem with the Arizona law that intends to make up for the absence of federal law enforcement. I very strongly affirm the absolute shutdown of the southern border, especially in the light of escalating violence both in Mexico, and spilling over into our country.

However, it is irresponsible and I think, race-baiting, to say that most illegals have some connection to drug smuggling. I don’t think the statistics bear that out, and I don’t know why she would even say such a thing. It isn’t necessary to believe this in order to support the rule of law, and it is harmful to those of us trying to argue that SB1070 doesn’t have racist undertones.

The greatest danger here is to allow our political opponents the opportunity to use this issue to drive hispanics out of the voting ranks of the Republican party. Ironically, the left pushes the idea that America is racist, but if it truly were, it would be more politically expedient for the left to push racist ideology for votes (as it did in it’s earliest years). The very fact that the democratic party knows it can spin this issue into more votes supports the contention that America is not essentially racist.

That’s a separate issue altogether.

I know plenty of illegals, and for the most part, they are good, decent people. That doesn’t mean they should be excused for breaking our laws. But it is foolish and wrong to try to villainize them beyond that…

This bodes not well for the gains that we rightwing nutjobs have made in the past 2 years… let’s not squander our lead by making unnecessary statements that can be used against us.