Boston Cops Disperse Occupy Boston Veterans

This is the video that you will most likely see everywhere tomorrow…

The occupy protestor hippy crowd pretends to be incensed that the cops would dare take down veterans and their flags. I respect the military and absolutely high the highest respect for veterans who defended our country. However, that doesn’t mean they’re above the law.

It is telling that the only time the Left defends veterans is when they come out in defense of their anarchist positions. I was immediately disgusted by the eagerness of veterans to be used by these anti-American protesters, in full disobedience of very reasonable efforts by the police to maintain order.

Before the altercation, Boston police passed out these flyers to inform the protestors of their rights, and obligations:

The Boston police gave the protesters plenty of time to leave the public area. When they refused, the police took action.

Of course, the Leftist blogosphere have already labelled the police as tyrannical, and twitter lit up with idiotic comments comparing the actions of the police with Middle East dictatorships and despots. This is what you will hear tomorrow from their liberal collaborators in the mainstream media.

You won’t hear the voices of veterans like these:

And the following excellent point by Mitch:

Joan Walsh was propagating the video above as evidence of police brutality.

Click on the images to retweet the sentiments, and let people know that although Veterans deserve respect, they are not above the law. The very fact that these liberals are tossing about this video displays their cynical disdain for the common American – they believe imagery will move us to forget obvious rational truths.


Some screenshots from the Occupy Boston feed over the night:

This was after the police had warned the protestors and showed up in force. Some twitterers reported that streets were being closed on either side. Soon after, a large contingent of policemen marched in and surrounded the area. Here we see the orderly procession of the police around the square.

The police cleaned up the square really quickly. No doubt we will see a lot of media showing their actions..

  • John Locke

    So its common practice then, to kick people out at 3 am? After they were given permission to be there. Or to throw out all of their belongings? Or you’re just wrong.

  • Steve Harpin

    Im proud of those veterans who forced the issue in a public light. Shame on those who say they think they are above the law. We are all underneath the law. Slavery used to be legal too. unjust laws must be challenged, like we challenge abortion laws! I am part of the Tea Party and I support this protest!

  • Scott B

    Shameful that any American would actually think it’s OK to arrest people for simply protesting. Any laws against that are unjust. And no, you won’t see that video in the media. They are bought by the same businesses and special interests as all of our government officials that have created these unjust laws.