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Men’s Wearhouse Supporting Occupy Oakland?

As the crackhead cop-car-crappers prepare in Oakland for a violent strike and embargo, some of the stores have closed shop in advance of what might be a terrible altercation. This news, however, stunned me:

Shopping at Men’s Wearhouse? Never again. We Guarantee it.

It seems that someone at the Men’s Wearhouse in Oakland has decided to show their support for the Occupy cop-car-crappers. Here is a picture taken from a reporter covering the story:

photo courtesy of Matt O'Brien

The very idea that Men’s Wearhouse, whose clientele most likely consists of many of the people the filthy cop-car-crapping protesters are striking against, would support the ridiculous movement is a sick joke. Just how many suits are they going to sell in the socialist utopian nightmare that the dope-smoking morons are trying to violently install after destroying capitalism?

It looks like this might be the action of one of the employees or the management at the Oakland Men’s Wearhouse. Several attempts to get an official position from the company has not been met with any conclusive statement on why the store would do such a thing.

This came from a friend that questioned them on their online chat service:


Investigative blogger, Prudence Paine, reports that she tried to reach a PR representative at Men’s Wearhouse, but after contacting them by email and phone, they did not respond as of close of business today.

Attempts to get an answer via phone by @DefendWallSt met with a funny observation but no official response:

So, Men’s Wearhouse, the ball is in your court. I demand that Men’s Wearhouse release a statement definitively stating that they do not support the Occupy movement and that whoever put up that sign will be severely reprimanded [click here to agree]. If, however, they stay quiet, tacitly supporting this anti-American degenerate movement, they can expect more of this kind of response:

click on the image to retweet @DaveinAz‘s response to Men’s Wearhouse!


Prudence Paine says she tried to reach the PR contact on their investor relations press releases, and his secretary would only take her name and number and call her back. This is the same run-around response as the other attempts to reach their PR. Apparently, they refuse to learn the lesson behind Kenneth Cole’s embarrassing twitter debacle or other PR disasters.


11-2-11 8:00pm

Well, let there be no more doubt – Men’s Wearhouse has thrown in with the raping, thieving, cop-car-crapping, marxist, nazi-supported, whining, degenerate, pot-smoking crackheads at the Occupy Oakland protest against America:

When you go to the link, this is their two sentence response:

This is deplorable. As a customer in the past, I am disgusted that this company would support such an anti-American protest that seeks to undermine so many of the institutions that allow a company like Men’s Wearhouse to even exist, much less be profitable and successful. If it continues to be successful, it won’t be with my money. You’ve lost my business forever.


11-2-11 11:59pm

So I made the call for people to cut their “perfect fit” cards from Men’s Wearhouse after @DaveInAz sent a tweet with his cut up into pieces. Here are the former Men’s Wearhouse customers, who like me, are disgusted with the ridiculous support they’ve given to the pathetic Occupy Protest crap:





@BobRinger was kind enough to provide pre and post pics!

and finally, this great suggestion by @BreitBartFain77:


help me spread the word! RETWEET below!

All of these ConservaGringos are entitled to an Honorary Mexican Certificate for their great loyalty to the principles and institutions that made America great! Email me, homies!

INSTAPUNDIT posts about it here

Prudence Paine’s Post here

HOT AIR gives some perspective


11-3-11  10:25pm

I don’t get any pleasure out of vandalism. People put a lot of work into homes and businesses which are important components of the American Dream. However, if you are going to support a ‘movement’ that is specifically anti-Capitalism and anti-private property, I don’t feel a whole lot of sympathy when those degenerate hoodlums destroy your property. Men’s Wearhouse, consider your shattered window a part of the 99% evening out some”income disparity” that you contribute to, morons.


Broken Window at Men's Wearhouse after Occupy Protest

and another submission from @WitchyKate!

and from Katy Kolodzy!

Love the Christmas Message!

Men’s Wearhouse Customer Returns Suit for Supporting Occupy Wall St.


11-26-11  3am

The occupy “movement”, true to their Canadian Adbuster anti-Capitalist roots, began a campaign of disrupting the orgy of conspicuous consumerism known as Black Friday. This is how the organizers describe the effort on their facebook page:

The idea is simple, hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits.

Black Friday is the one day where the mega-corporations blatantly dictate our actions, they say “shop” and we shop! Pushing their ledgers from red to black.

Any holiday shopping we do this day will be at independent shops to support local economies and the 99% as a whole!

And yet, Men’s Wearhouse, while supporting the Occupy “movement” dares to wallow in the consumerism of Black Friday, and encourages it’s customers to! What a shocker.

I do hope they will regret severely their decision to support such an anti-American protest. I will do what I can to remind all their customers of this hypocritical and execrable position.

Meanwhile, here’s another person who cut up their “perfect fit” card:

Kenny Hitt


Luckily for the American economy, the “Occupy Black Friday” protest seems to have fallen flat on its unbathed face.

Men’s Wearhouse Customer Returns Suit for Supporting Occupy Wall St.

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  • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

    I hear Wal-Mart sells clothing. Probably better aligned to both your political views AND your fashion sense! 😉

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  • “I hear Wal-Mart sells clothing. Probably better aligned to both your political views AND your fashion sense!”

    Nahh, Al Gore’s wardrobe never did much for me.

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  • Bob (France)

    Well, for the moment, the only violence comes from your capitalist nightmare.

    People at #OWS are the last and only reason why 99% of the whole world doesn’t deeply hate *all of America* yet.

  • mishu

    Did Men’s Wearhouse pay their worker at that store during that day of political pandering?

  • Davo

    What a great move on Men’s Wearhouses part, communist, anarchist and hippies buy so many suits and tuxedos.

  • nichole

    f.y.i., #OWS is against corruption in politics, especially corporate personhood and these “people’s” ability to donate untold and unlimited amounts of money to politicians. They think this money influences politicians and ruins our democracy.

    You could at least do them the justice of arguing against what they actually stand for, rather than just trying to find the worst-behaving members and generalizing the whole bunch. That’s nut-picking, and it’s not productive.

  • Mandy

    As a former employee of the Men’s Wearhouse you people are stupid! The store closed to support income inequality. If you think exercising you first amendment right, and speaking out against an evil, murderous, corrupt government is wrong, then you’re sadly mistaken. And the protesting people aren’t responsible for the state of our country, the greedy people in charge of our government and our corporate institutions are. They destroyed capitalism when they bailed out publicly traded companies with taxpayer money. Violent protesters are not protected by their first amendment and the police are trained to deal with them accordingly. But peaceful protest should never be made out to be un-American. In fact, what they’re doing in the occupy movement is doing is the most American thing any person can do in this current government we live under.

  • Mark L

    So, Mandy, you are a former employee of Men’s Wearhouse. Are you representative of MW employees? If so you have provided one more reason to shop elsewhere. Why do I want to buy clothes from a place which employs clueless employees?

    OWS has exercised their First Amendment Rights. So has Men’s Wearhouse. So too, will I exercise my right of association by refusing to associate with MW.

    (In fact, why not tell me where you are working now, Mandy, so I can skip shopping there, too.)

  • Sam

    I laughed so much reading this article. You clearly have no idea what is happening in the world around you…

  • AmishDude

    “#OWS is against corruption in politics, especially corporate personhood and these “people’s” ability to donate untold and unlimited amounts of money to politicians.”

    I thought they were against “Zionist” bankers.

    But here’s a funny thing: You seem to have no problem with labor unions’ corruption because they do the exact same thing. Also, Men’s Wearhouse is a corporation. Are they corrupt when they support #OWS?

  • Zimriel

    nichole, here’s one link rebutting OWS as a whole. And here’s Bainbridge on corporate personhood.

    Sooper doesn’t refute #ows because others have already done it. It’s a waste of his time (and of mine) to reinvent the wheel.

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