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Alec versus Me: Round ONE

If you weren’t witness to the magnificent twitter feud between your favorite masked mexy conservative and stupid hypocrite elitist and gringo Alec Baldwin, you missed quite a show. Don’t worry, dear sooper reader! I have toiled to document every single little dirty tweet of the knockdown dragout smackdown I laid upon poor little Alec. Grab your popcorn!!

Now I’ve made it a pass time to smack Alec Baldwin around every now and then when he tweets something stupid and leftist. Like, back in July, for instance:

I remember saying something in response to mock the guy, and although he clarified what he meant, he didn’t refer to me specifically that time…

Maybe all that mockery finally got to him. I never really expected him to take notice. For some reason, my little joke about what next for Occupy Wall Street really annoyed him:

He just couldn’t take it no more! He had to make the following tweet of destiny:

If you read my posts and tweets you’ll know this is one of my favorite epithets for the Occupy Wall Street hipsters. Good ol Alec just loves them! He tweets about them often, visits them in New York and has encouraged them. I find this highly hypocritical. My tweets will explain why!

first a jab:

and then shot to the ribs!

Now he’s a little battered, he’s getting angry! He comes back with a combination:

No worries, gringos, I deflect gracefully! And then I get him on the ropes…

Oh that’s painful.

That’s gonna be sore in the morning.


When one of his drooling sycophants tries to comfort him from the ropes, I knock him out too!

So at this point I’ve made many statements of fact that go against his opinions, or show them up to be stupid. What is he able to come up with?

Now his moron followers retweet this little attempt at ridicule. Why? Did they go to those links and see that I had carefully sourced every bit of information I posted? No. They just stupidly and blindly follow their leader without thinking…

I decide I’m gonna steer this back to the original accusation, because he’s just dead wrong about it:

This is also a favored pet name for Occupiers that I use!

He comes back with two points that only generally touch upon the point about monied interests in politics:

Now comes the strawman. You’ll notice never once did I say the word “terrorist.” I made statements of truth about the Occupiers that Baldyboy didn’t like. Now he’s accusing me of lying when I never made such a statement. A little early to be hitting the booze, Alec!

[I haven’t finished this post.. more to come!!]

It takes him few minutes to pour another gobblet of wine from the box, during which I assumed he’d run off and I declare victory prematurely…


  • Christopher

    According to right-wing morality, the successful are by definition the moral; the one percent are taken to be the most moral. The country and the world should be ruled by such a “moral” hierarchy. Except for national security, the Public should disappear through lack of funding. The nation and the world should be ruled for private profit alone – and by force.

  • ClaireBaire

    The only person I’m aware of who espouses that, Christoper, is Ayn Rand, who is ridiculed thoroughly by most conservatives for her unapologetic atheism- she wants capitalism to exist in a vacuum. Capitalism is an economic system and Rand wants it to function as a system of morality too, which it obviously doesn’t. Secondly, government is wasteful; the bigger it is the more wasteful it gets. The more you rely on government to take care of your “Public,” the more you line the pockets of bureaucrats who don’t give a damn about your Public. And since when does a public need “funding”? That very word implies that someone else earned the money. Very telling, no?

  • Love it ,I threw out beetle juice movie a long time ago

  • capguy

    You’re the best sooper! Baldy is a typical lefty along with his minion of zombie followers. Their strategy: change the subject and attack. We are on the right path and will win this peaceful civil war! Please listen to one of us, The Chris Plante show, streaming on WMAL M-F 9am-12 eastern time. Or if in the DC area, he’s on 105.9 FM. He’s a great soldier for our cause and disassembles our political enemies with ease — a real gem! Liberalism is a flawed ideology that will soon be extinct!