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Perry Tells Politico to Put Up or Shut Up

This last Saturday Politico ran an article with a statement supposedly by an unnamed senior adviser: “there has never been a more ineptly orchestrated, just unbelievably subpar campaign for president of the United States than this one.”

When directly challenged about this characterization of his campaign, Perry pushed back against an unsourced statement:

I’ve made it very clear that I lean towards Newt Gingrich for the nomination. However, I like the fact that Perry is unafraid to challenge the news media when they try to make more out of a story than should be.

h/t to Dan Riehl

Meanwhile, Ron Paul is finally getting the media coverage he’s been whining about not having, and apparently he can’t take the heat:

“…as his surging poll numbers in Iowa have drawn scrutiny to his incendiary newsletters, reporters are complaining that Paul is now the one ignoring the mainstream media.


Meanwhile, national reporters on the Paul beat are grumbling that the candidate almost never takes their questions at events anymore and has done only one press “avail” since August — and that ended abruptly after two minutes last week when someone asked about the newsletters. The tightened access to reporters is fairly typical for a candidate near the top of the polls bearing down on voting day. But in a half-dozen interviews with reporters assigned to follow Paul on the trail, journalists expressed frustration about how inaccessible Paul had become — particularly after his campaign’s loud complaints this summer about not getting covered.


If crazy ol’ uncle Pawl can’t answer questions from the media now, how are we to believe he’ll be able to do any better on the campaign trail for the presidency, or as president?