Honky Cracker Hoody

By popular demand, I add the “Honky Cracker” Hoody to my Mexclusive “Para Mi Gringo” clothing line:

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“white bread”


“gringo landscaping”

  • Banjojack1956

    Don’t confuse me with this crap, I have my own identity crisis to deal with: As a conservative, well-educated redneck, I have serious problems in finding my proper place on the stereotype food chain.  Due to the fact that I am also a gun owner, I’d say that should place me near the top; but I have lately been observed exhibiting a disturbing lack of bigotry toward my darker complected brethren (and sistren), which places me in, I suppose, in something of a quandry.  (As a matter of fact, using all this extraneous, excessive and parenthetical verbiage in a less than optimal manner almost certainly indicates some bureaucratic ancestry, or inclinations, so please refrain from asking me to opine on this matter, taco twister!

  • Banjojack1956

    One more thing just to show that I have mastered the science of correct punctuation, a correction:    )! You thought I’d forgotten? He no olvidado. 

  • JohnG911

    I’ll drink a beer to what Banjojack1956 said ….