Arby’s Caves to Lib Pressure, Stops Rush Ads

Apparently Arby’s stopped advertising on Rush because of idiotic leftists on Twitter. I have to say, boycotting them won’t affect me because I can count how many times I’ve been to Arby’s on one hand. On one finger, to be precise.

There’s a reason why this joke was so funny on the Simpsons:

Oh and by the way, if you only go to Arby’s because of the “Horsey Sauce”, @Juju_Lapin supplied the recipe:  CLICK HERE!


  • whendoesitstop

    There are more conservatives than liberal activists, and who among them do you think has the jobs to buy the food that Arby’s sells? Conservatives are tired of this liberal, pettiness and underhanded behavior … perhaps if we, the majority of money making Americans, would actually stop going to the places that pull their ads after liberals wet their panties, crying over it … they would tell the crybabies to stuff it for once.

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  • LisaK

    Arby’s is Cow Ham.  Eat at Lion’s Choice.  It’s REAL beef.