Chicago Anti-NATO Occupiers Lie About Van Running Over Protester

At the NATO protest in Chicago, occupiers are freaking out over someone supposedly run over by a police van. This video shows how ridiculous they are:

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.


The guy road the grill while the van drives at about 5 miles per hour, and walks away. Yet the Occupiers whine about police brutality. Why don’t you get the hell out of the streets?

UPDATE – Another angle:

“plowed through” AKA, came to a complete stop.

UPDATE Third video – no one is underneath the van… these idiots just rode a slow moving van because they didn’t want to get out of the way. Screw em.


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  • Jomac625

    While watching this from my computer chair I caught  myself flooring an imaginary gas petal.

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  • SP420

    Check out the video on NBC Chicago, best one yet.  Shows the guy who was “hit” holding onto the roof, then walking away just fine a moment later.

  • SP420
  • Sproutski

    The tall guy who rolled  off the front is not the person who got injured. I was there, Soopermex. Idiots, they were indeed but I sure didn’t see you there so you can stop calling people liars when you have incomplete information. But you probably won’t and that’s your prerogative.

  • Sproutski

     By the way, other police who witnessed the event were livid with the driver.

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  • Airborne80

    Not critical! Hahahahahahahahah!!! Save the Drama for Obama! 

  • sybilll

    So, enlighten us Sprout, and show some evidence.  Thanks in advance.
    Mother who will keep her daughter from the likes of your kind at any cost. 

  • Passthemusic

    The guy road the grill while the van drives at about 5 miles per hour

    road the grill


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  • sidneyspit

    Add this to your site:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GmsCdyGD00 – Occupy Mentality Explained

  • Saginaw’s Finest 1

    Sprout doesn’t have anything to show, because it doesn’t exist. But the libs know they don’t need anything like “evidence” or “proof,” rather, they just keep shouting their big lies over & overthey have enough delusional fools who have bought into their lies. They will endlessly circulate “evidence” like the still shot of the guy riding the hood will be used to claim brutality and oppression, when in reality, the video from which that photo was taken shows what the asshole really did, and that he was completely uhurt.

    Also, its telling that the videos you have from other angles at the same exact moment, show protestors banging on the sides & windows of the police van with fists and rocks. How do they explain that? They don’t, they just pretend it asnt happening, and claim to be right bcthey scream the loudest.

  • Saginaw’s Finest 1

    Just keep the lies going, Sprout. There’s nothing your kind is better at than making baseless, unproveable accusations, then shouting them thousands of times in the belief that he who yells loudest must be correct. Though a close second is your manipulation of grains of truth, in order to exacerbate the lies.

  • This was not the incident that sent a guy to the hospital.  This just shows the police action like this was not isolated  I was watching the live stream all night.  There were people circled up for a long time around the guy who was run over, and then ambulance came to take him away. 

  • smokeysmoke

    i saw it… the person on the ground was wearing an armband like a nazi would wear.. that said occupy…. as soon as he was hurt, he was surrounded by occupiers in a circle, and i heard some occupers threatening people with cameras to no tape the injured person… IT WAS A FAKE

  • They need to add V-shaped plows to the front of the vans to part the sea of idiots that won’t get out of the way of a moving vehicle. 

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  • Ryan Hirsch

    I was there. The van came from the opposite direction we were marching. there were cops and sirens already all around us. I didn’t notice the van until the driver accelerated. I had to move quickly to get out of the way. There were about three or four people on the front of the van trying to get off the grill. The marchers and the police had been very cooperative all night. In fact, I’d say the CPD had been downright some of the most reasonable police I had seen for an unplanned march through the city. Cars were honking. People were cheering. It was a great time in the city. This even soured the march, and set a different tone. That police van did not need to be anywhere. On the Side of the bridge marchers were coming from. We were heading that way. A lot of people didn’t notice the van until it was too late. The person on the ground was not the guy that was hopping down the street with the van. They got hit, and I believe someone threw them to the side to get them out of the way of being run over. It was at that point that they suffered injuries. The van was originally crawling at 5mph, but it accelerated to 10 with people still in front of it’s path. After people were injured, I heard a bunch of caps pop off and the noise of spraypaint as protesters in bandanas began to circle the van as it tried to drive away. Protesters not in any form of face covering were pounding on the van as well, because at that point, that was not a police action , but a perpitrator comitting a crime. That driver should be on administrative leave today and under investigation

  • You Exhaust Me.

    UGH Saginaw, you mean like starting wars because countries are hiding weapons of mass destruction?  Why do only some lies bother you?

    Watch this video (seconds 20-25), it shows him go down.  He fell and hit his head and got a concussion and was swept away by police and handcuffed to a bed for assaulting an officer.  You need to pay more attention to what’s happening in the world around you.


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  • LAWLZ, that’s not even the same siren or exact location as the erstwhile video.

  • Nightandday4461

    Ok so your a fuckn idiot because I was the one run over by the van and the man in the picture is not me. There is a video where yousee me bouncing off the front right corner of the van. I was never trying to stop the van or anything of the sort. I went to pull someone away from being hit when the officer driving smashed on the gas pedal and hit me Intentionally. So get your facts right dumb shit