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Did Jon Stewart Train MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to Deceptively Edit Videos? Yes He Did.

Earlier today the liberal media went a little crazy in their attempt to try to make comments from Mitt Romney at a campaign stop about a WAWA hoagie purchase into this election’s “George Bush Grocery Scanner” moment. If you’ll remember, the media reported that George H. W. Bush was absolutely amazed by a grocery scanner, painting him as aloof and out of touch with the common man. After the damage was done to his campaign, it came out that the media had lied – he was actually amazed that the scanner could still scan a ripped label, and was perfectly acquainted with the technology. Still, it was a teachable moment – teaching us how the media can push an agenda by distorting the truth.

Well, they tried to do it to Mitt, and they encountered this masked Mexican in their way. READ MORE HERE.

While poking around, I found this funny, and ironic story proving that Jon Stewart is the real culprit of this story!

Apparently Jon Stewart of the Daily Show thought it would be REALLY funny to do a segment on teaching MSNBC how to selectively edit video to push their agenda. Isn’t that hilarious? No? You don’t get it? See, the joke is that FOX is so awful, that no other news media channel would ever sink so low as to edit video in order to push an agenda. No, only FOX news does that! So hilarious!

H/T The Raw Story

The relevant section begins at 6 mins:

“See? MSNBC? Amateurs! Starting clips later and cutting them off before the speaker can finish the thoughts full-construction can be a useful tool! In helping your audience understand what you want them to think. It’s a fun and useful way to make people you disagree with say things that make them unelectable.”

Yeah. Amateurs – Starting clips later and cutting them off before the speaker can finish the thoughts full-construction

  • Pablo

    Of course, MSLSD already knew how to deceptively edit videos and lie about them.

  • Hoosherdaddy

    sean hannity is a chump. he is only after ratings, he is dishonest when he has no need to be. The entire speech he cut off was just another “blame bush” speech. how hard would it have been to hammer that point home then let the viewers/listeners know the poor me prez will most likely let those tax cuts expire