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CORRECTED: Another Video Showing Eric Holder Knew About Fast and Furious in 2009; Gun Control Advocacy


Michelle Malkin tweeted this out today in reference to stories like the one I posted below:

After looking at the link she enclosed, I think what I posted below is misleading. I apologize profusely. I will try to be more diligent in my reporting in the future.

I do however, think it’s significant that Eric Holder and the Deputy Attorney General were advocating for gun control in 2009, specifically for the sake of curtailing gun violence in Mexico.


The Right Scoop has reported on an amazing video seeming to show evidence that Eric Holder and Obama knew about the Gunrunner program in 2009.

Just in case you still don’t believe it, TRScoop has dropped another video wherein the Deputy Attorney General David Ogden specifically names Eric Holder when announcing the fortification of the Gunrunner program to trace guns smuggled into Mexico.



For those of you who will contest this clip is out of context, go watch the entire 30 min news conference at C-SPAN.

The Left has gone through a lot of histrionics to paint conservatives are conspiracy-nuts because of the general consensus that the intent of Fast and Furious was to increase violence in Mexico, blame lax gun laws, and impose gun control in America.

That’s just crazy, right?!

From Lou Dobbs in 2009:

Eric Holder:

“As President Obama indicated during the campaign there are just a few gun related changes that we would like to make and among them is we’d like to reinstitute the ban on assault weapons. I think i will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.

Oh that’s just crazy!

 Those right-wing nuts act as if Holder advocating this gun ban was completely irrational!

From March 2009, very soon after the “fortification” of the Gunrunner program:

…Arizona state Sen. Jonathan Paton, who testified at last week’s hearing, said additional gun laws are just not the answer.

It would actually hurt the problem rather than help it,” Paton, a Republican, said of re-instituting the federal assault weapons ban. “They’re not giving us the resources on the laws that we already have on the books. What makes me think they’re going to give us the resources for new laws?”

Paton cited Mexico’s far stricter gun laws as proof that new domestic laws in the United States won’t deter criminals intent on trafficking arms.

“It’s not going to solve the problem you have with M-16s and AK-47s; they’re already banned and they’re already going into Mexico at a feverish pace,” Paton told FOXNews.com. “The day they start taking their border security as serious as we do, Mexico will cut down tremendously on its amount of guns.”

The same Deputy Attorney General David Ogden is quoted in USA TODAY later in August of 2009:

Deputy Attorney General David Ogden has described the role of straw purchasers as the spark which has led to “horrific acts of violence.”

“It’s a nationwide problem,” Ogden said, “that requires a nationwide commitment.”

A national commitment to stop guns going to Mexico? What kind of national commitment would that be?

  • I’m so glad you posted the link to the full C-SPAN video; I get that gunWALKER is what the fast and furious was born from, however walker came from runner. Gosh, that sounds stupid.

    The initial subpoenas were for Runner, not Walker.


    “On March 16, 2011, Chairman Issa wrote a letter to Acting Director Kenneth Melson
    of the ATF requesting specific documents related to Project Gunrunner,
    its “Fast and Furious” component, and records related to the death of
    Border Agent Brian Terry. ATF failed to meet the March 30th deadline for
    producing these documents and furthermore refused to voluntarily commit
    to any date for producing them.”

    If Obama directed Gunrunner, then the subsets were also under his watch and likely with his knowledge, no?

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  • CrashFroelich

    The first successful effort by an industrialized, Western government to institute universal gun control laws was that of Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party.   Why would they do a thing like that?  Perhaps to insure the common folk had no means to resist the tyranny Hitler had in store for them.  Why are Democrats so keen on subverting the Second Amendment in this country?  A Nazi is a Nazi.

  • HWGood

    You’ve issued a retraction and apologized as soon as you learned of the mistake.
    Obviously, you are just a blogger and not a serious journolist, er, journalist of the Left Stream, ah, Main Stream Media.

  • This proves a timeline that Eric Withholder can not deny! Then thier Carney act had the $alls to stand there and tell the nation that every document concerning Fast and Furious has been handed over! Am I the only one that saw his nose grow???