Liz Sly is a foreign correspondent for the Washington Post and tweeted out two extremely graphic videos showing the brutal bombing of a funeral by Syrian protesters, and the grisly aftermath. Caution – the second video especially is very graphic.


And the aftermath:

Russia has defended the acts of the Syrian government, under the premise that this is strictly a Syrian matter and no foreign country has any business intervening. Hard to watch video like this and think the rest of the world should stand by, but on the other hand, there is never an easy answer for these kinds of conflagrations.

The Arab League has made a few statements condemning Assad – why don’t they do something about it?

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7 Responses to Extremely Graphic Video of Syrian Protest Funeral Bombing

  1. Shocking.  Of course it’s none of my business.  Not surprised that Russia take this stance since they don’t want anyone in their business either.

  2. That’s sarcasm in case no one caught my “tone”.

  3. datou1 says:

    Why the f**k does blowing up people at a funeral show that “God is great
    !?!?”   What the f**k goes through the subhuman brains of these cretins?

  4. ali3nation says:

    I don’t think they mean to say it so much in the sense of ” God is Great ” but rather Oh My God. In any case it grates on our collective nerves since they yell that phrase every time they kill one or many of us.

  5. ali3nation says:

    If you have to tell people you are being sarcastic you are not doing it right.

  6. ali3nation says:

    I may have become too callous but I see nothing wrong with our enemies blowing up our enemies. Let them continue to do so, there will be less of them to contend with when the time comes.

  7. thebeeishorrid says:

    They got f*cked up!

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