More of this anti-Mormon crap.. it’s gonna get worse as the election nears..

If they had any honesty, the cover would be this instead:

Newsweek Cover Parody
TIME Cover Parody



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16 Responses to Bloomberg’s Bigoted Anti-Mormon Cover

  1. jsperry says:


  2. IkoChibe says:

    Racist pig.

  3. MorkMaster says:

    So because Mittens is one, Mormons get a free pass now? Bloomberg is not exactly known for being ultra-liberal, yet you complain when the LDS (or is it LSD?) “church” comes under their scrutiny. Free speech sucks, right? Catholic bishops prolly think so too, right about now. Too bad for pedophile priests and people who believe in magic underwear, but that’s America. Heh.

  4. Bloomberg is not ultra liberal? Right, and I’m the Pope

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  6. Earthward11 says:

    Free speech is a beautiful thing, it lets people show what they’re all about. Well, you show your colors with the “or is it LSD” comment. You also show your sheep mentality by repeating the magic underwear and Catholic bishop meme. Time to start exercising some critical thinking bro, stop depending on others do the thinking for you.

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  8. MorkMaster says:

     I’m not your “bro”. Apparently, in your world, not criticizing the Vatican would be evidence of “critical thinking”. Ditto the spectacularly funny absurdities of Mor(m)onism. Oh, well. I bet you believe TV advertisements, too.

  9. TheDarkArtist says:

    This is utter and complete shit. Why do you cons suck at everything that involves wit, talent, or creativity? Oh, it’s because you’re boring, useless retards. Thanks for the laugh, though. This is the shittiest photoshop that I’ve ever seen, my friends will get a huge kick out of it.

  10. guest says:

    Well, THAT is always your anser to anything that doesn’t support your beliefs. Right?
    That “racist” retort lost its power long ago.

  11. Angie says:

    The religious bigots calling Soop out on his alleged racial “bigotry”  against Obama is simply delicious.

  12. Beckett says:

    That was great, I mean Soooper. The left are such a bunch of bigots. America has evolved enough to elect a black man, but not a Mormon. Pathetic.

  13. contraries are not the same as opposites, pendejo.

  14. Yzzazz says:

    nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, can dish but can’t take. Can’t even make a coherent complaint. It’s boring, but you laugh; hate the photoshop job–as if that’s even a point here.  HAHA!  Criticize the phone book for its lack of plot line while you’re at it.

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