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Conservatives Hijack Faltering OccuChat Hashtag

Witness the complete and total hijacking of a liberal hashtag chat – I made the call and conservatives responded!! I’m sorry there are so many tweets, but they really are hilarious.

They got pretty tyrannical from the beginning! All three of them:

They don’t like numbers…

I was getting kind bored

Look it up:

I was merely asking:

Then the calls for emergency started going out!!!

finally, some conversation with an occupier!

Ok I wasn’t very nice.

This is hilarious:

ironic no?

uh oh! He’s gonna get serious!!

Occupy Chat tries to regain control:


The call is made out! More parasites! Please!

John is rockin the tweets:

Rachel provides some marketing:

And the winnah by technical knockout – the conservatives!

Desperation sets in:


Roger brings the wisdom:
Lovable Mongo:
Oh boy, now they’re trying to negotiate.. Sorry buddy, I know what OWS is really about:

Anthony Bialy scores a direct hit:

Oh No! That sounds like a death threat!! You occupiers just don’t know how to play nice!!

Excuse me, but I have a prior engagement:

I try to calm the party down;

But it’s out of even the sooper’s control:

Uh Oh… Down Twinkles throwdown!!!

John Bon Groovy is still calling for help!

And it’s this moron’s first time on twitter:

Good question:

awwww we hurt his feelings!

This handsome Latino makes a Mexcellent point:

Oh wait! He changes his mind! Fight!

We’re claiming scalps. How colonial.

A prayer is offered:

I guess he gave up on that backup:

A list of demands – how novel!

Wonka tweet:

This is a great point:

And another attempt to recover the party… ain’t gonna happen!

The organizer had to resort to begging individuals to help:

Uh oh.. reinforcements!

Sure they care about people – because they have to beg for support like parasites. Tea Partiers are self-sufficient.
More panic!! Please help!

This is sarcasm:

Showing our mockery is getting to them:

short and sweet

I saw this next tweet, clicked to the other hashtag, and BAM! Conservatives! lol…


I can’t keep up! There’s too many! LOL

We pause here to take a side trip into a little occu-drama, written by Andy…


Bass Circle challenge!

I haven’t seen an occupier tweet for 20 or so.. lol..

Ok… I had to call it to a close because we’d go all night… here some final tweets:

And finally, in tribute to that great great man: