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Stop Spreading Lies About Colorado Shooter’s Occupy Wall Street Ties

I do not like doing this, but I’ve been inundated with people posting this ridiculous “evidence” that the Colorado shooter was associated with Occupy Wall Street and their Black Bloc militant group.

There is NO credible evidence of this.

Let’s go through the claims.

There are mainly two pieces of “evidence” people point to: 1) a fraudulent picture that’s been photoshopped, and 2) a screencap from Occupy supposedly admitting the link. I’ll address a third that’s floating out there too.

1) The Picture Has Been Photoshopped; Shooter Cannot Be Positively Identified

The picture to the left has been pitched as evidence that Holmes was in San Diego occupy. The picture from the right is supposedly from Occupy in New York. Neither those providing this as evidence or those debunking it offer a link to where they got the picture from. What does that mean, critical thinkers? That means this IS NOT CREDIBLE EVIDENCE.

Further – picture evidence is plain ridiculous. Many of these occupy losers look the same, and are mostly interchangeable. Don’t peddle this crap – it makes us look stupid.

UPDATE:  Intrepid bloggerette Prudence Paine found the source of the picture, and it is, as the debunker said, from New York, on the Brooklyn Bridge. So why trust someone who says it’s from San Diego, who has to lie in order to try to prove a point?

The original picture from International Business Times:

2) A Supposed Screencap From Occupy Wall Street

This has been making the rounds with the reasoning that Occupy put it up to claim credit for the shooting and then took it down. Now, again, critical thinkers, I ask you to dust off your thinking caps, take off the tinfoil hat, and put on that ol’ thinker. Why would they take credit and then disavow it?

Secondly, look at the writing – it’s just randomly organized unfinished sentences. I’ve been to these sites – they’re stupid but they’re not that stupid. If anyone has more evidence than this, I’ll be more than happy to reconsider, but this on it’s own is just much too easily photoshopped.

3) Some Private Investigator’s “Opinion”

I add this because people are linking to this guy’s website. Here’s his awesome evidence:

Based on my investigation of the Occupy Black Bloc terrorists, that began in November of 2011, and my interaction with Occupy Movement members in Florida, it is my opinion that James E. Holmes fits the profile of a 20 something Black Bloc terrrorist [sic] and that his shooting up of the Aurora Co movie theater was payback for the Batman movie slaming [sic] the OWS.

Yeah. That’s called argument by authority and is the weakest of arguments. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. I don’t care what this guy’s opinion is – you need EVIDENCE, not opinion. If Holmes wanted to get “payback” why wouldn’t he say so? These morons aren’t very shy about their motives. If that was his intention we’d know about it.

Notice also that the investigator is so smart that he is able to peer into the heart of the shooter and decipher his motivations. What great evidence!

If you’re a frequent reader of mine, you know that I despise and regularly excoriate the occupiers. Nothing would please me more than to blame this on them. But we need to have credible evidence, not insinuation based on what we want to believe. Let the left, the liberals and the Marxists pull that crap. When we catch them doing it, we expect people to be angry at them. Don’t do the same, and not expect people to be angry at our side.

We won’t win this thing with lies, and make-believe. That only works when Obama is running for president.

If and when there’s credible evidence that this evil worm was a part of Occupy, I will happily proclaim it from the hilltops. Until then, please stop spreading crazy conspiracy theories.



I’ll respond to those who disagree here:
1) How do you know it’s a lie?!

I didn’t say I can prove it, I’m saying the evidence offered is paltry. And you obviously didn’t read the post.