Obama Birthday Party BUST – Pics Show Empty Room

Earlier today it was reported that Obama’s birthday party was half empty even though the tickets were only $51:
Immediately after the news broke, the Obama team repudiated it:

A picture from the DJ, showing a mostly empty room:

Here’s a pic from inside the room:

And from the back of the room: Protesters outside?

Looks lonely…

People “bunched up” way in the front:

A “Chalkupy” protester outside Obama’s birthday event posted this picture:

And another, “Obama admin deports millions”:

A wrap-around image of the crowd before Obama enters – does that look like 1000 people to you? That’s what POLITICO is reporting – they have a reporter at the event, and quoted the Obama campaign. [click to see larger size]

This is in stark contrast with the Romney-Ryan campaign stop in North Carolina, where thousands showed up, waiting in long lines to get a glimpse of the new VP candidate.


Jay Jones in the comments section points out that the venue can hold up to 1,500 guests. Apparently “selling out” a venue means 2/3rds of the capacity for the Obama team. Genius!!

  • sgorgo

    See also the pitiful turnout for Obama last month in Austin:



    And Team Obama beat the bushes to turn out this measly crowd to watch his motorcade – FAIL

  • What was the venue?  And what does the fire code say is the max capacity?  I doubt it was 1000 for that room.

    If I’m correct, they’re lying or breaking the law. 

  • Nevermind, the venue’s brochure  says the room can handle up to 1500 people. 

    Gives you an idea of how to gauge the size of the crowd.

    webpage here:  http://skylineloft.com/chicago-event-space-bridgeport/

  • It looks like a chicken barn.

  • Creeper

     Lousy crowd in Texas would be understandable.  But Chicago?

    If Barry-O can’t fill a 1,500-seat room in Chicago, Mooch had better start packing.

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  • deb54

    Look at all the chumps who DID spend the money to go. What a bunch of idiots… as the saying goes, “A fool and his money soon part!”

  • Nobody with two brain cells to rub together support this illegal alien communist criminal who is going to stage another war before the election. He will do this to declare martial law and cancel the election, making him dictator of the USSA as long as he is alive.

    Hopefully the O-5 and below officers and patriot enlisted men in the US military will surround the Capitol and White House to arrest all of them for High Treason. This would stop the destruction of our government peacefully before the 5% of US citizens who possess intelligence and courage are forced to exercise their 2nd amendment rights to restore a constitutional government and liberty.

    As far as I am concerned there are about 534 in congress who need to stand trial for High Treason and will be given a fair and speedy trial, allowing them a chance to explain their criminal activity. Only Ron Paul in my opinion is free of most criminal activity taking place in congress.

    I was told by one of my congressman’s top staff that Boehner demanded Obama’s ineligibility not be discussed, not even in private meetings or there would be a very high price to pay. He refused to explain what price but I suspect it would be death of the congressmen and their families. There is no excuse for following such an order as their oath of office specifically states to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. They should have exposed the crimes or resigned their positions.

    It appears they chose to commit High Treason and continue receiving bribes from the Rothschild Mafia/Federal Reserve/Israel/AIPAC with the promise of protection from the public in the underground luxury bases Americans paid $40 trillion building the last 50+ years in preparation for the zionist takeover and mass culling of the population. The murder of Federal Judge John Roll, attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who were about to expose Fast and Furious no doubt proved to congress they would kill anybody who exposed their crimes. JFK, Lawrence McDonald, Brietbart and hundreds of others throughout the years prove they can kill anybody and get away with it, especially with the current Justice Department run by absolute ruthless criminals.