Democrat National Committee chair Debbie Schulz has been trying to rile up the Democrats with her “Romney Economics” bus tour. Even with astroturf collaboration from their SEIU union horde allies, they haven’t been able to get much of a crowd going, judging from the pictures tweeted:

From Brad Woodhouse, proto-communications director:


Are they just driving around the same ol dems holding their goofy signs?


They can barely fill up a bus much less a rally!!

At least the Romney camp is having some fun!

MORE Evidence of Debbie’s Failed Tour via Twitchy!
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4 Responses to Debbie Wasserman Shultz’ “Romney Economics” Bus Tour Poorly Attended

  1. Rob Stevely says:

    I wonder if she knows which party the Democratic National Committee belongs to.

  2. Im_Rick_James says:

    Look up troglodyte in the dictionary, and you will see DWS….

  3. Capt'n Jack says:

    Debbie Wasserman puts the hag in boozehag!!!

  4. Robert says:

    She needs to add Cougar-Mellencamp to the end of her name.

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