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Obama Team Tweets Picture of Supporters Writing Obama is “Pro-life” and “Woring” Hard

You people [intended] at the Obama for America offices really need to spellcheck stuff before tweeting it out:

What a nice picture they added to that.. uh..



Obama is pro-life?! Since when? Also, how is he… “woring” hard? Did they mean “whoring” hard? Or maybe “warring” hard on Catholics and other Christians? Not sure!

I would blame these obvious mistakes on maybe child supporters of Obama, but the person pictured is obviously an adult, and the board seems pretty high a reach for kids…

Are Obama supporters that stupid?!

Yes. Yes they are.


The goofball morons at OFA Ohio took down their tweet!! Sore losers… Too bad I screencapped it!

  • To some people Obama is the perpetual blank slate.

  • ACPZed

    That’s a really good find. Amazing how well the Dems’ propaganda machine works in this country. They have some people believing some things, other people believing other things, and the politburo manages to keep everything in check.

  • More from the folks in O-I-H-O!!

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Too stupid to vote. imho.