Citizen Putting Obama in Dunce Cap is Racist; Obama Campaign Putting Romney in Same is Hilarious!

From Republicanism Redefined Blog:

A New Orleans man is getting quite a bit of attention from some of his “Uptown” neighbors with signs he’s posted on his property that express his frustrations with the Obama administration.  Local officials and politicians have even been called upon to convince the man to remove the signs.

A news report about the story:

From a person offended by the sign:

“This is nothing but pure racism, this is a total disgrace…

It was sooo racist that former Mayor Ray Nagin even went out to talk to the guy. To no avail.

Then a City Councilmember called the police on him.

The oily snake’s only purpose is to shut down criticism of Obama:

“We have to determine that there is a zoning law that prohibits perhaps the sign of the size, perhaps the way it is erected… Whatever we can use, we will…”

 I hope they throw the racist book at him!!!

Oh by the way, that was from a year ago, and Obama campaign put this out on their TUMBLR account:

So a citizen criticizing Obama is racist for doing it in this manner, but the Obama campaign doing the same to Romney is perfectly decent.

I don’t have a problem with their graphic aside from being kinda peevish, but the hypocrisy is growing ever more obvious. I hope America is paying attention.

  • Logic dictatates that putting a person in a dunce cap means they don’t understand something (or in this case, a lot of somethings). Logic also dictates that if you see this as racist because the hat is on a black person then you are in fact racist yourself because you are seeing it as defining a whole race instead of just one person. The hypocrisy and idiocy of the left never suprises or astounds.

  • Erin Burnett called GWB a monkey in the middle. The left’s duplicity is hilarious.

  • Too damn funny. A bunch of racists and leftists calling “freedom of speech” racist. Sorry, folks! The “race card” has expired and been revoked. In the words of Carlos Mencia: “Let the black guy win (the presidency) and then the race card will be expired.”

  • allouchsit

    Putting your opponent in a dunce cap is childish behavior, not presidential. It is not racist.