Chupacabrita Says Merry Christmas!!

Yes, even the mysterious cryptozoological creature of Latin American lore celebrates Christmas. For those gringos who are unaware, the chupacabra is a mythical urban legend that translates to “goatsucker” in English, for its reported penchant for sucking the blood from goats and other small woodland animals.

Still cute though.

t-shirt available!!!

click here for the non-Christmas version of the Chupabrita
click here for the grown up version of the Chupacabra!
click here for the first shaven Chupacabra minority speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Wigglesworth111

    Chicago DEA agent Jack Riley:

    “We have to operate now as if we’re on the Mexican border.”

    Sanctuary policies have consequences. Why can’t we enforce our laws? It will make the lives better for citizens and legal immigrants.

  • Why can’t I post an urban legend that’s of Latin American origin without you making some political statement about immigration? Do you really think this is helpful? Do you do this for posts of other cultures? pathetic.

  • Wigglesworth111

    No amnistía, pero necesitamos más hispandering. jajajajaja!!!!