On this fourteenth podcast, Defend Wall St. and redneck elitist @SaintRPH join your favorite Mexy Conservative to talk about the election, how Romney failed miserably, where we go from here, Ann Coulter, and the death of the Twinkie!!!!

Don’t be racist! Listen in!


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2 Responses to Podcast #14!! Ann Coulter, The Election, and Twinkies

  1. crosspatch says:

    I think when the total vote is tallied, you will find that the Romney vote exceeded the Obama vote. As of yesterday there are still several million votes outstanding. As of the 14th, Romney was down only 700,000 votes from McCain’s final total.

  2. John Marzan says:

    when are you going to reveal your true identity, super? i bet you’re really just a white guy in pajamas. at least show us a photo.

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