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Liberals Take Glee in Murder of Gun Enthusiast, Father of 2-Year-Old

This is how bad the media has demagogued the gun control issue – when a gun enthusiast is murdered, liberals laugh with glee:

 This got 2 “retweets” and 12 “favorites” on twitter.

What this account and others like it are mocking is the murder of 32-year old Keith Ratliff, who had managed a popular YouTube channel about guns [emphasis added]:

Keith Ratliff, who was a business partner at FPSRussia, YouTube’s ninth most popular channel with more than three million active subscribers and a combined half billion views, was discovered on a rural road in Carnesville, Georgia.

Ratliff had a single gunshot wound the head and police are treating his death as a homicide.

A producer behind a popular gun enthusiast YouTube channel was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head at his business last week.

Police in Georgia are investigating the apparent homicide of Keith Ratliff, a 32-year-old Franklin County resident.

“It’s really heartbreaking, and everything I see, or any kind of memorable thing — I mean, I just break down,” Amanda Ratliff, the victim’s wife, told MyFoxAtlanta. “He had such a life to live, and such a good life to live, and things to look forward to.”

A quick look at the comments at the Daily Mail and you’ll get an excellent view of the “sympathy” and “compassion” gun control advocates have for us who believe in our constitutional rights:

Stay classy, liberals… showing that incredible compassion that the Left has for those who disagree with them politically.

This is exactly the kind of crass and inhuman response that gun crime advocates want Americans to have – demonizing responsible, legal gun owners and equating them with the crazed criminals that commit crimes.

Here’s some from HuffPo:

Sure let’s throw racism into there – except the vast majority of blacks murdered are by from other blacks.


Here are some other tweets:


If you’re interested in some facts about gun violence and crime in America, check out my infographic here.

  • Jer

    I thought one Libs’ favorite saying is “If it saves just one life, it’s worth it.” So, 2.5 million times a year, a gun is used to stop a crime, and here’s one time it didn’t, and that somehow proves their point? Freaking idiots.

  • Just goes to prove what everyone knows, a liberal has the body of an adult and the maturity of a middle schooler.

  • Dave TL

    Whilst I understand how feelings can run high over an emotive subject such as gun control, I find it appalling that people can find pleasure in the death of another human being whatever their own beliefs. Makes me feel sick if I’m honest.

  • As you can see. Many of these nice tolerant gun control advocates are really anything but that.

  • anthrogirl

    I see the same thing from the conservative gun advocates. Example – all of those people who say Sandy Hook was a govt conspiracy to take their guns and that the grieving families are a bunch of bad actors. You can read article after article and watch video after video on youtube where gun advocates are making fun of these grieving parents. What a sad sad selfish world we live in.

  • dcnj

    and this is the majority…we all better wake up. The dumbing down has been going on tool long, not sure we will ever get it back.

  • Saltporkdoc

    One word alone describes and defines those who commented with glee about the loss of another human life- VILE!
    There are special rooms in hell on reservation for you (Read Dante’s “Inferno”!)

  • CrossHugger

    They kill babies in the womb so why would you think they would care. They are heartless killers or accessories to murder themselves so they can afford to have a good laugh at the expense of someone elses family. Brood of vipers…..

  • RegConserative

    Got any LINKS , I cant find any ?

  • anthrogirl

    Check out youtube. “sandy Hook conspiracy theory” or “sandy hook hoax”. You’ll get a good dose of people who deny these people were killed and make fun of the victims’ families…. all so they can play with their big assault weaponry. It shows how mentally unreasonable many of the assault weaponry fanatics are.

  • RegConserative

    I found two professors nuts , and on u tube they are conspiracy NUTS I see no one claiming to be a Conservative ! My point is I could say they are liberals , But i think they are just CRAZY !

  • I guess this means we can laugh and joke around when someone murders a “pro-choice” person by cutting their head and limbs off?

  • anthrogirl

    Example 1:We know this tragedy was orchestrated to get an agenda passed. They tried it with Fast & Furious, but got busted; so they waited and right on cue, tried part 2. This one may succeed because the sheeple are truly stupid this time. Not noticing how the Bushmaster brand AR15 that was in the back of a car for the first responders, moved into the hands of the killer once Feinstein announced her Assault Rifle ban….

    Example 2:’m not certain anyone died at all…why was Robbie Parker smiling so broadly/joking/laughing just seconds prior to his press release? If I lost one of my little nephews, I wouldn’t crack a smile for months afterward! And they’re not even my kids! The point is, this just does not add up to a real massacre. No blood, sh&*, vomit trail? The kids all seem fine, yet they’ve ostensibly seen their own teachers/colleagues get blown away by numerous bullets…I do not think so.

  • It is hard to believe that liberal are that stupid. They don’t even have the maturity of a middle schooler they arn’t that bright. They don’t even have a clue how the world works they only know what they are told to believe and how to act.

  • RegConserative

    This is TRUE BY the way!
    Bushmaster brand AR15 that was in the back of a car for the first responders, moved into the hands of the killer once Feinstein announced her Assault Rifle ban….

  • lainer51

    article after article??? Seriously? so easy to throw nonsense at the ceiling and see what sticks… l

  • lainer51

    so if you disagree with these trolls, you deserve to die? What a tolerant, compassionate, intellectual crowd!

  • Chris McLaughlin

    Please define ‘assault weaponry’. . .unfortunately, there is no specific definition as it is a made up term used by the left and leftist-media to instill fear into an inanimate object. There is nothing more childish than coming to a story such as this and throwing a weak, whiny argument “well conservatives do it to”. Just because you saw a couple youtube vids, and assume they are conservatives because they don’t trust the media doesn’t make it truth. Where is your proof, and where are specific links that would show these vids? Anyone can put anything on youtube. . there is no requirement for references or integrity. youtube is not a source, PERIOD! Think for yourself, and grow up!

  • Chris McLaughlin

    And yet, these same libs applaud the murder of upwards of a million innocents each year as a ‘choice’. They suffer from mental disease. It is a good thing most of them are not armed as they most likely would pull a gun at the first disagreement of their ‘opinions’ the media gives them.

  • People like the afore mentioned better watch it , they night reap what they sow. My heart goes out to family and friends. God have mercy on the group in the WH

  • anthrogirl

    I’ve posted on this page a couple of examples of conservatives on the internet denying Sandy Hook & bashing victims families. This is in response to this article complaining about liberals making fun of a gun enthusiast who was shot to death. I know that guns don’t kill people. People with guns do. 20+ people were stabbed at their school on the same day 26 people were murdered in Newtown. All of the stabbing victims recovered. Only one recovered in Newtown. Bombs are not easy to manufacture, store, transport, set-up and detonate. And we can institute checks on anyone who buys bomb materials in large amounts. I was a buyer and we were asked to send sale records to the govt of common OTC drugs that met a certain sales threshold by buyer. These drugs were being used to manufacture street drugs. We can do the same for common bomb ingredients so no one can acquire enough materials in a short period of time to create large yield bombs. The Aurora shooter obviously had a thing for bombs but he chose to use a gun because it was so much easier to kill all those people with a gun than it would have been with a bomb.

    If the definition of assault weapon is up for grabs, I think any gun that can be used to kill over two dozen people in a matter of minutes should be considered an assault weapon. I don’t think anyone would argue that a 3 foot tall little boy who was shot 11 times at point blank range, at least once in the face, was not assaulted.

  • Chris McLaughlin

    The point is the term “Assault Weapon” is purposely trying to be synonymized with military assault rifles that can be selected to shoot semi-auto, burst, and/or full-auto. Attacking semantics about this group doing the same as that doesn’t intelligently debate this issue. Underlying, all these articles are really about gun control, which we all know has to do with overall control, really. A couple examples of youtube hacks with no tact or class does not compare to the dozens, probably many more that have absolute joy out of the deminse of Keith Ratliff. Where the couple examples you speak of, if they truly are conservatives, are the exception, whereas this article is showing the norm of liberals. Utter hypocricy in hiding behind violent tragedies like Sandy Hook to tout about gun control and how dangerous a ‘gun’ is and nobody can be trusted and we need to protect the public to this subhuman glee over the demise of a husband and a father. The facts aren’t in on his murder, but if it wasn’t someone he was close to and trusted, my money is on some anti-gun liberal nut that decided to take this guy out. I know I, and probably most of the Constitution-loving, gun-toting folks on here don’t really give a damn about a couple classless ‘conservatives’ on youtube. A young woman is now a widow, and a two-year old will grow up without a father, and these f*&^tards on the left are ecstatic about it. They are less than human in my book. One thing the facts do show is that gun control doesn’t make ANYONE safer. BTW, anything used to assault someone is technically an assault weapon, including any body part a person uses to ‘assault’ someone. But you are right, it is a sad selfish world, especially in this country with no personal responsibility, and that is why I carry a gun anywhere that I can. Chances are I will never need it, but if some lowlife decides on a shooting spree, I’m not letting him/her/them use my wife and or children or myself as a target. Newtown was absolutely preventable, and guns are an efficient tool compared to a knife, but the Federal Government, the State of Connecticut, and the Newtown school district are all complicit in this tragedy as their collective anti-gun policies made sure the active shooter was the only one that was armed. Contrary to a lot of media ‘reports, that nutjob killed those kids and teachers with hand guns, not an ‘assault weapon’, aka assault rifle, aka AR 15. From you postings, I don’t know if you are pro or anti 2nd amendment rights, but once the government has all the guns, if they succeed in their ultimate ends, no one will be safe as only criminials and the government (pretty much one in the same) will be armed.

  • Chris McLaughlin

    A bomb is definitely going to be more efficient at inflicting mass casualty and death. Now, in a spur of the moment act without planning or premeditation, a gun would be the easier but never more efficient choice. These events were planned, and as you stated Holmes had bombs already manufactured as well as bomb making components, but chose to use firearms. Thank God that he chose the firearms over the bombs. How well they planned these attacks out, we don’t really know, but there was some planning involved. Make no mistake, using a firearm to kill multiple targets is never going to be easier, just more convenient in a spur of the moment attack.

  • anthrogirl

    Chris. Stop calling the commentors f*&ktards. Insenstive yes. And who’s to say they are liberals. Over 70% of americans favor additional gun regulations as of recent polling. Anyway, a bomb like McVeigh’s is not easy to use. It takes some intelligence to put it together without blowing yourself up. It’s not easy to conceal. You have to understand how and where to place it to get maximum effectiveness. Look at the first tower bombing and the numerous bomb attempts to kill HItler. Then there’s the shoe bomber & the NY car bomber, etc. These are a few examples of bombs that either failed to explode or were ineffective in producing their intended level of destruction. The movie theater shooter was a thoughtful man who planned out his attack with percision and yet he still used a gun to kill people. It may be that there’s an appeal factor at play here. Mass shooters may like to be there, to actually watch each life extinguished. They want to witness and feel the power they have over life and death. Bombs would not give them that satisfaction.

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  • Chris McLaughlin

    I wasn’t calling the commentors on this site, regardless of their stance, anything. That was for the brainless hypocrites tweeting their joy about Keith Ratliff’s death. You are comparing structure leveling bombs to an active shooter. Why don’t you compare similar incidents. The deadliest school massacre on US soil didn’t involve firearms, it involved bombs. They weren’t designed to level a building like McVeigh tried, or the first Trade Center bombings tried. The Bath massacre was well planned out, and killed more than any attack with firearms. If someone has the time and skill, bombs are more dangerous than guns. I already stated using a firearm in a quick attack is definitely easier and more effective in the moment. There have been high profile shootings, and sadly they have risen under this administration, and this administration is using them for their political agenda. Overall, the murder rate is 50% of what it was 20 years ago, and yet in the last 20 years two things have become very popular, AR copy rifles, and high capacity magazines. Handguns, which are used in far more murders than any other weapon, have been bought up as well. There will always be a wacko that decides to harm people, but punishing the law abiding gun owners for the acts of a few is not only immoral and unconstitutional, but it will only make these incidents worse and more frequent. It doesn’t matter if ‘70%’ of Americans favor gun regulation. Please give me a source for this statistic, because anyone who knows about this subject knows that is straight up BS. We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. It isn’t simply majority rule, and in the case of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, the only way to legally restrict gun ownership is to Amend the constitution. Plain and simple, guns are not the problem. You’re more likely to die from a medical error, or these damn drugs they keep giving our children to control them(not mine specifically) than some criminal or mentally ill criminal hell bent on shooting up a place or making a name for themself. Anyone who celebrates the death of this man is a lowlife and will get not even basic respect from me, and neither will anyone who defends them. I have done research on violence and firearms. I have looked at stats for other countries and compared to ours. We do not have a problem with firearms in this country, unless you live in Chicago, DC, Detroit, LA, etc. and those places have some of the most restrictive gun ‘control’ laws. It doesn’t work there, and gun ‘control’ didn’t work in Connecticut. The only way anyone can reasonably approach this issue is by keeping emotion completely out of it.

  • BayushiZero

    Actually, there is a specific definition, as put forth by the United States Army. An assault weapon is a firearm capable of selective fire: Semi-Automatic, burst fire, and full automatic.

    Unfortunately, Liberals either haven’t gotten the memo, or they are deliberately ignoring reality. I leave you all to decide which one it is.

  • BayushiZero

    No, Anthrogirl, we won’t call you by that name. We have more fitting names for people like you: Retard, Regressive, Brain-Dead, Simpleton, etc.

    You choose which. All are quite apt and appropriate for your level of dumb.

  • If the murderer is caught and is from the left, will they apologize?

  • anthrogirl

    @BayushiZero:disqus You just showed everyone your EQ level with that response….and your know what EQ says about IQ.

  • BayushiZero

    I can assure you, little girl, that my IQ far outpaces your own. You see, unlike yourself, I am not reliant on groupthink and am more than capable of thinking on my own.

    As a disabled combat vet with TBI, I am not ashamed to admit that I do have brain damage. The sad part, however, is that while I may have brain damage, I’m still more intelligent than you.

    What’s your excuse?

  • anthrogirl

    BayushiZero My dad was a marksman in the Korean war before I was born. We never had a gun in the house and the only time I remember him shooting a gun was when we were short on money. He went to a turkey shoot (a target shooting contest) and won us a turkey for Thanksgiving. He taught me that guns were dangerous and were not to be treated or thought as toys used for attaining personal pleasure.

    No war since WWII really required US troops, so your combat injury was probably unnecessary. Even Aghanistan only required short term, modified and minimal military support, with 98% of troops unnecesary. According to sources inside the Pentagon, military experts called for highly complex strategic excisions of high value Al Qaeda targets rather than the blunt less thoughtful and coordinated mass attack that was eventually chosen and that ended up needlessly slaughtering civilians, foriegn aid workers, reporters and american civilian consultants along iwth American troops. I apologize as an american for putting you in harms way. It certainly goes a long way in explaining your heightened anger with fellow americans who disagree with you. I will no longer engage you and will not read your future posts. God bless you.

  • These stupid pricks must have fell from the tip top of the stupid tree and hit every stupid branch on the way to the stupid bottom.You know,stupid is one of the few things that duct tape can’t fix but if it could I would stock up heavily and keep it ready for when I ran into these morons.

  • Maye I didnt specify whom I was talking about.I am talking about those who revel in the death of a progun advocat and those too ignorant to see that abolishing the 2nd amendment is like painting a bullseye on every honest and hardworking American>Criminals are praying for just tha tbecause it would be open season to kill,rob and rape everyone of us.

  • reality

    u people who find humor in this are as sick as those people who go put and murder people. i don’t own a gun but i don’t want my country to be able to take any other rights from us. if the proper health care would be provided there would be alot less murders. this is suppose to be a free country. i don’t trust or government, police force or any of the kind to protect me. most of them are crooked!

  • Actually, the Aurora shooter had bomb in his apartment that did not detonate. He planned the detontation to divert police & fire resources to his apartment, just before he began his ambush.

  • I find it ironic that sub-optimized all of the solutions surround an implement or the bullets of the implement. Everyone is completely ignoring the obvious root cause….
    Mentally defected individuals that we as a society continue to attempt to mainstream.
    Whether the cause was years of abuse, bullying, or chemical imbalance that have caused the disassociated personality is immaterial after it has been created. One factor in almost every case, NO ONE that has interacted with the individual are shocked…
    Whether it is Wesbecker, VA Tech, Aurora, Columbine… etc. each individual(s) involved were outcasts or odd.

    Va Tech has run the individual off of campus… but did not pass along concerns to police / FBI officials. WHY?
    Likely the fear of a lawsuit….

    We have to make it safe for individuals to reports concerns to officials… We also need to make criminal for individuals to make false complaints to officials to harass people.

  • One of the best books on how to protect your loved ones, is entitled
    “Protecting The Gift” read it… And, teach your wife and children that it
    is OK respond to those feelings euphemistically called a gut feeling in men and intuition in women…

    Humans: the only species that will put their offspring in danger. Women will remain with abusers… All other species will remove their offspring from the threat, and they
    will fight like a mama grizzly if the perceive the threat is not

    Women will allow boyfriends with short fuses to babysit their child
    How many times have TV news report that a homicide victim told friends that if something happens to her, that it would be her live-in boyfriend or ex-husband?
    Obtain a court issued restraining order and what happens? A significant percentage of homicides happen shortly after the RO.

    Families helped create these ticking time bombs. It is time the courts forced families and prison facilities to house folks that have relinquished their freedom.

  • Takiwiaa

    It’s difficult or impossible to find anyone ‘making fun of grieving parents’ as you state. Most are questioning the event as has been reported. Is it suddenly prohibitive to engage in critical thinking according to the lefty agenda? Perhaps a new bill should be drafted to prevent one from engaging in thoughts against the propaganda being spewed by mainstream (State) media? Critical thinking and history research keeps one from becoming a low information bore.
    Try it.

  • Takiwiaa

    Now you’re insulting with facts! How dare you.
    Notice no one ‘making fun of grieving parents’ either.

  • This guy incited this reaction by saying he wished a spree shooting would happen around him so he could save the day. The liberal reactions are nowhere near as heinous as every single con reaction to any article regarding race, or even just featuring a person of color, or woman for that matter.

    Victim blaming, calling the first lady a primate, and dropping n bombs is common discourse on redneck sites like yahoo. None of those comments above come close to being as trashy as conservative commenters always appear, particularly internationally. You lose guys, get over it.

  • Read the comments, that’s the issue at hand. Conservative commenters are always less informed and more offensive. An embarrassment to the rest of the world.

  • Jennifer Lee

    What qualifies you as a ‘sooper’ (what ever that is), “Mexican”? You don’t speak as intelligently as most Mexicans I know. No offense intended, but you exude inauthenticity.

  • Trust me. I’m very likely more intelligent than most people you know of any ethnicity.