Venezuelan Man Ritualistically Murders His Mother For Health of Hugo Chavez

I hope this isn’t what we can expect from our own socialist health care.

As reported in El Universal from Caracas, 40 year old José Alberto Alviárez bludgeoned his 80-year old mother to death, and then cut her hands and arms. After this, he burned her corpse.

He did this as a ritual in hopes that it would help Venezuelan president and dictator Hugo Chavez recuperate from his ailments. He has been reported to be suffering from cancer, and tried to receive medical care in Cuba more than a month ago.

Despite this, his vice president gave a speech yesterday in his absence, leaving some to wonder if he will return to the office, or even if he has passed away already.

Jose believed that his murdering of his mother was commanded by God, and he dutifully executed the murder on Monday.

From Huffpo:

According to neighbors, Alberto confessed to the crime, saying “he did it because God commanded him” and “that only then could President Chavez recuperate,” local newspaper La Verdad reports.

Neighbors said he never exhibited any other signs of political extremism before this event, and that he was very hard-working and even-mannered.