Wow, Michelle must have been really hungry. She burns up a lot of calories vacationing in Hawaii and screeching at the American public to eat ricecakes.

That’s why she didn’t have time between shovelfuls of food to respond to House Speaker John Boehner trying to make polite chit chat:

She did, however, manage to roll her eyes – how dare the Speaker of the House interrupt the mooch’s feeding time?!?!?

That FLOTUS is all class.


Hot Air: The obligatory “Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at Boehner” clip [thanks AllahPundit!]

Weasel Zippers! Thanks Nickarama!



21 Responses to Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes at John Boehner While Shoveling Food Into Her Mouth

  1. Wow she’s such a nasty b*tch!

  2. CZ Guy says:

    ‘let them eat cake’ – Michelle Antoinette Obama

  3. She really does lack any semblance of class.

  4. [...] a whopping 3,000 calories, but that didn’t stop Mooch for shoveling the food in her mouth, and rolling her eyes as Weeper Boehner was joking with Obama. This kind of reminds me of Michelle Obama’s [...]

  5. ^..^ says:

    Damn girl, get those elbows off the table!

  6. Fsnook says:

    She cannot stand sitting next to a white person.

  7. Barry Boo Boo Child says:

    Boehner should have said “Hey look! It’s Fitty Cent!” Mooch would have stopped grazing on the spot.

  8. Four years and she’s still unteachable. She acts like she’s twelve years old.

  9. JoeKidd says:

    You can put a wig on a pig but it’s still a pig.

  10. [...] mom, on the other hand acted in very poor taste when she rolled her eyes at John Boehner later. This entry was posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 at 6:32 pmand is filed under Politics. You [...]

  11. wyntre says:

    Great find.

  12. Henry Hawk says:

    as much class as a toilet brush in a beauty salon

  13. Michelle Rules says:

    You know, most of us are actually happy that she didn’t waste any time with that crybaby… I came here from a gay (*clutchmypearls*) news blog and let me tell y’all. We love her.

  14. Leo Pusateri says:

    Marie Antoinette, roll over.

  15. Exactly what I was thinking! You see that in the galley all the time, BUT THAT’S THE DAMNED GALLEY!

  16. esmea says:

    Anyone here think it had anything to do with the God-awful false eyelashes she keeps perpetually glued to her eyeballs since Obama’s first inauguration? Nah..I didn’t think so either. As they say, you can take the girl out of the “ghetto”, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. BTW, Obama sure does touch his nose alot…left over from his coke days? (Or more likely, still going doubt with a lot of help from his boy-toy prostitute-soliciting buddy in Hawaii that he never fails to visit when on vacation.)

  17. esmea says:

    No doubt you do Mary. Anyone copying the tranny makeup style of RuPaul is clearly a winner with the Stonewall crowd – especially when it’s “the first gay president’s” wife.

  18. twinx says:

    Somehow I doubt that.

  19. LC Aggie Sith says:

    More like the FLOTUS is all @$$.

  20. disgusted says:

    Watch the video clip through to the end and see, at seconds 16-18, our illustrious Prez, picking his nose. How’d you like to shake hands with him after that snot-swipe?

  21. Mike says:

    Oh noes! Bunch of fascist crybabies are sad Obama is still president! Get your guns – and your blankies!

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