As GDP Goes Negative, Defense Spending Down, Gov’t Spending Up, Liberals Idiotically Blame “Austerity”

It’s amazing to watch how easily the liberals dissemble and lie when facts don’t go their way:

This is a reaction to the terrible news that GDP growth in the fourth quarter went negative.

Except the government spending that went down is 22% in the defense sector, which all liberals want to obliterate. Non-defense spending is actually UP 1.7%.

Think Progress doesn’t even report the difference in spending to it’s idiot readers.. they’re much too sensitive for the truth:

Here’s more genius from the Left:


What “austerity” is that? Hope the GOP blocked the trillion dollar stimulus? Or Obamacare? Or the pork-laden Sandy bill?

None of those passed because of “austerity”?

  • PopTheLid

    Wait a minute. What defense spending cuts happened in Q4?

    They are planned and haven’t happened yet. How is a 22% cut in defense spending that might happen with sequestration being attributed to the 4th Quarter GDP when DOD only began looking at it in JAN and they have not occurred. Am I missing something or is it really, really bad and they are spinning like tops?

  • Yeah I wondered about that too. I’ve heard that defense started cutting spending in anticipation of sequestration, as they didn’t believe there was much chance of avoiding it. Don’t know it I buy it completely.

  • Defense spending down. Overall federal spending up. Do you think Nancy Pelosi was wrong when she said unemployment checks spur economicc growth? Waiting for Nancy to say we need more F-22s.