Piers Morgan Inspires Obama-Loving Cop Murderer – Whines Gun Control Nut Isn’t About Politics

While the police continue to hunt for liberal gun-grabbing Obama-loving cop murderer Chris Dorner, some have taken to smack Piers Morgan with the same accusation the leftist media makes when a criminal with right-wing ties make:

It took a while for the dimwit to conjure up this repetitive missive:


Ahhh. So NOW it has nothing to do with politics, you degenerate maggot? Pathetic.


No, it’s NOT a joke. The leftist media on MSNBC and CNN including Piers helped radicalize this nutjob and now he’s murdering innocents, killing cops, and hunting their families.

But it isn’t the time for politics NOW, is it?

  • Tango Niner

    It’s right in line with how the left protects there own. What’s sad is that this nut job and Dorner think the left are going to swoop in like superman and save them.

    After giving it some thought, I wouldn’t put it past Obama to pardon Dorner.

  • Jessica

    I live a few miles down the road from this guy’s second home in Las Vegas. I’m glad we have a gun in case this nut job has the balls to show up in this area.

  • Most gun violence (and crime) occurs in areas that vote for Democrats.

    Even though most Democrats are not criminals — Most criminals are Democrats.

    93% of all felonies including murders and violent assaults are committed by self-identified Democrats.

    Criminals want to disarm law-abiding citizens — so they can’t defend themselves.

    This is why Democrats have long agitated for felons to enjoy full voting rights.

    According to statistics: Areas with more legally owned guns = Less Crime.

    The USA map of the Obama/Romney voting patterns is strongly correlated with the FBI map of gun violence.

    If we want to stop gun violence: “BAN DEMOCRATS FROM OWNING GUNS”