Illegal Alien in Altercation with Rep. Rohrbacher Affiliated with Alinskyite Organization

Earlier this morning the Hill reported on an altercation between Republican US Representative Dana Rohrbacher and an illegal alien residing in his district. There were two sides of the story – his was that there was a measured but hostile response to questioning from someone who was present in the country illegally, and the other side was that he threatened to deport her, got intensely angry and made her cry.


What they didn’t report on is that Jessica Bravo (great stage name!) is affiliated with PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organization), an organization spreading the progressive agenda by replacing faith in God with faith in the state through churches, by using Alinsky tactics. 

Just last month, I reported on how the Obama administration was employing churches and other community organizations, after indoctrinating them through the Alinskyite-inspired PICO, to push his gun control and immigration reforms.


Immediately after the altercation, these headlines sympathetic to the illegal alien and excoriating to Rep. Rohrbacher sprung up:

Rep. Dana Rohrbacher Threatened 18-year old DREAMer: “Now I Know Where You Live”

Did OC Rep. Dana Rohrabacher make in immigrant student cry?

Dana Rohrabacher Makes DREAMer Cry By Ranting About Illegal Immigration

She even penned an indignant response to Rohrbacher that will surely drive the reason out of any touchy-feely liberal within a five mile radius of anyone emoting over it.

Here’s her bio at the end:

So, was she part of the Alinkskyite training that PICO has indoctrinated people in?

Is that why she accosted Dana Rohrbacher?

Who knows? Who cares?

Truth is an unwilling victim when journalism is ideologically aligned with the ruling regime.

Correction: an earlier version of the post inaccurately identified Rohrbacher as a US representative instead of being a Representative of the California legislature. 
Double-correction: the above correction is incorrect, and has been un-in-corrected.
  • Campbosco

    He is a US representative! He is not in the CA legislature.

  • Rule #1: Illegal aliens should stop insulting and accosting americans in their own country.

  • Community organizer=traitor. I get in their face everytime I can and let them know I’m a war veteran. Want to mess with me?

  • copper

    I don’t believe community organizer = traitor. In this case community organizer = marxist. Obama is now pressing as much as possible because he only has 4 years to implement what he truly wants. The man is surrounded by communists. It will get much worse!

  • Yeah, I thought too. Orange country is not likely to turn liberal any time soon!!

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  • I always threaten foreigners i dislike with deportation. 🙂