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Vigilante Muslims Patrol Streets in Britain, Enforcing Islamic Law

This is incredible:

Is Islamic law coming to London? A series of ‘Muslim Patrol’ videos have gone viral over the past few weeks. They show a group of young men attempting to create ‘Muslim zones’ in the city. Although their actions have been condemned by the East London Mosque, they continue to patrol neighbourhoods and stop people they believe are not conforming to Islamic law. So who do they really represent?

While the “East London Mosque” condemn the patrols. videos shown have Muslims yelling at strangers that they are in a “Muslim Zone” and they have to conform to Islamic Law.

The video has an interview with one of the advocates of the “Muslim Patrols” – he represents “the Shariah Project.”

He then goes on to say rationalize the street thugs by saying the “evils” they prevent, like alcohol abuse are much worse.

Can’t wait for that to come here… I don’t think Americans will take it as lightly as the brits do, especially with our 2nd Amendment rights in place.

  • Modres

    I just wrote about this in my blog yesterday, interestingly enough. It will be coming to America. Is it any wonder the Left wants to do something about the 2nd Amendment?

    Now it makes sense. The Muslims will be used as “enforcers” for the global elite and no government will try to stop them.

  • why are the Muslims in UK crazier than in most countries? quiapo, manila is nothing like that.

  • Joe Six-Pack

    Our 2nd amendment rights are quickly being eroded. I would like to thing that we could give it a better fight, but we can CHANGE.