President Narcissism Celebrates President’s Day With A Picture of… Himself!!

Ok look, at this point, he has to be doing this just to troll conservatives..


Hey President Mompants – the holiday is officially about celebrating Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays, not YOU, you witless self-important empty chair!!

This blog was the first to report when he posted an old picture of himself in order to “remember” Neil Armstrong, on his passing away.

But there are so many other examples of his incredible narcissism…

  • MaddieMoss

    I hate this pResident. I well and truly hate him!

  • Matty K

    Got this link from another blog. It’s great to see your popularity pick up!

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  • nickshaw

    Skeeter honestly believes he’s The One.
    Which will make him really appreciate his fall.

  • dominoe4

    History began in 2008…doncha know?

  • baal

    no cutting in line, as it is a loooooong one

  • sonicmoon

    Narcissist Punkass Potus. Shamelessly our first.

  • The federal holiday is “George Washington’s Birthday” and nothing more. In the states, about 12 states have formally changed it to include other Lincoln, Jefferson, other, or all presidents.
    But as far as BO is concerned, on the federal level, NO, it would never include him as the law has not changed. It is George Washington’s Birthday.

  • The giant upon whose shoulders all previous presidents have stood.

  • as much a measure of the worship of his staff than his own narcissism. It isn’t Obama himself shoveling this crap, it’s his staff. And they do it to earn his praise.

  • putthehammerdown

    Isn’t against some law or another to just let ‘trash’ tumble down the streets?
    I’m gettin really sick and tired of Dat Guy and ‘His Elegency’.
    Where is a really deep chuckhole, when you’d like to see one…..?