Fallout From My #LiberalTips2AvoidRape Hashtag; How The Daily Beast Screwed Me Over

It’s been quite a few days for your friendly neighborhood Sooper Conservative Mexy-friend.

After my hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape trended on twitter for 2 days, liberals went absolutely insane and on the attack. Their attacking has taught me firsthand some of what I’ve heard about how the media skews and manipulates stories to fit their agenda.

One of the better interactions I’ve had are from conservatives, such as Kira Davis at her online radio show, and Kevin Jackson of the Blacksphere on his radio show. Even among conservatives, I got some push back. Here’s a segment where I appeared on the Dom Giordano Show in Philadelphia:


Also Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy site excellently showed some of the hypocrisy of the liberal reaction.

But of course, the really insane, foam-at-the-mouth, spit-spurting, hysterical response was from liberals, who I truly believe mostly invented their feelings of offense in order to further smear conservatives.




I’ve never thought much of the dimwits at “the Young Turks,” and they confirmed my estimation of them when they criticized me for my hashtag, all the while excusing Salazar’s comments demeaning women. Wonder if that had to do with me being conservative and Salazar being a democrat? I don’t.

The only sub-intelligent criticism they could muster is to question my ethnicity! I tell you, these people are geniuses.

One of the hosts, Ana Kasparian responded to me on twitter, but when I challenged her about the rapes at Occupy Wall St. – REAL actual INSTANCES of rape, not just a “hashtag game”- all she could do us curse and repeat her allegation:


That’s right – we’re not fooling anyone… but Ana, who couldn’t even respond to whether or not she got angry at her liberal colleagues’ Kieth Olbermann and Markos Moulitsos excusing the rapes at Occupy – she’s fooling everyone! Except the Sooper…




This one is an incredible opinion piece from Aly Neel at the Feminist section of the Washington Post:

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape: How about, just don’t do it?

It goes through the standard fake histrionics about how tweets are a direct cause of rape, and then finishes off with this quote from twitter:

She added: @ShelbyKnox Just the frame, ‘avoiding rape,’ tells women to prevent rape rather than asking people NOT TO RAPE. #LiberalTips2AvoidRape #rapeculture Bingo.

That’s fantastic. What a wonderful example of the insipid worldview of liberals – they’ve been indoctrinated by their PhDs in 16th century Belgian Lesbian studies to believe that bad things happen because of “culture” – this hinges upon an idiotic Rouseeauian ideal that man is naturally good, it’s institutions, like twitter hashtags, that pervert our natural state and make us rapists.

Meanwhile, in the rational corner, conservatives can’t wait around for some airy abstract ideal to change “culture” while our daughters, wives and mothers are raped. We’d rather make sure that when bad stuff happens, they have the opportunity to defend themselves. Now, to a rational thinking that hasn’t been brainwashed by sociology and anthropology professors, there’s nothing wrong with the previous sentence. But to genius liberals who are always hearing dog-whistles where there are none, they see the confirmation and promotion of rape. Because they’re insane.

How you feel about the Second Amendment is one thing. We can have a discussion about gun rights/control, or at least try. And I’m all for a conversation on effective defense against sexual assaults. But making light of rape, rape survivors or anything remotely related to rape (except for the perpetrators) not only undermines your argument, it’s unacceptable.

This is a classic strawman argument – the hashtag was not about making light of rape survivors, it was about mocking those who would enable rapists by making women defenseless. But even this sentence would drive them insane. The very writing of it causes rape.



At least Aly was up front.. the Daily Beast/Newsweek really screwed me over. Which I’m pretty sure is racist. Or sexist. Or something, dammit!!! Caroline Linton called me up and we discussed my intention behind the hashtag game, and it was a pleasant conversation. Here’s the rather innocuous headline that resulted:

Conservatives Try to Retake Rape Debate With Hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape
A conservative blogger set off a Twitter firestorm on Tuesday with the hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape, leaving liberals and conservatives duking it out on Twitter. Caroline Linton talks to the blogger who started the trend—and looks at the GOP’s latest attempt to win over women.

The rest of the article was pretty fair, though slightly skewed to the left, but frankly, I expected a lot worse. I was rather surprised that the article wasn’t as angry or spiteful as Aly’s was. Then I realized how they had bamboozled me. This is the tweet promoting the story:

Notice that the headline above is not anything like the tweet – the line they quote from the story makes it seem like I’m admitting that the hashtag game was about mocking victims.

Oh but it gets better.

Look at this screenshot from the website:

And that, my friends, is how the liberal media rapes conservatives.


For another example of how the liberal media uses misleading headlines to smear conservatives and push a leftist agenda, click here!

  • Scott

    Excellent responses on the interview, Sooper M handled himself very well and got his point across in a manner that should only make liberal heads explode. Maybe some of our conservative reps will listen and learn something. The # was fantastic and several good points were made which is really the reason for the angry responses from the leftwing whiney butts, since most of them could care less about rape, but when their idiocy is shown they go nuts. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Thanks Scott!

  • Paratisi

    As Usual, when the Libs see their Idiotic & Short-Sighted Statements Blow Up in their faces, the Government Propaganda Ministry(formerly known as the media), rush to throw up Straw Man Arguments! If That doesn’t work, then the standard punchline,”You’re Racist”, is thrown out. a little hard to pull that one off considering the Subject. So, what’s left to do? Why Defend the guy Defending the Rapists! I Just LOVE Lib Logic 101!

    Way to go Sooper Mex! Keep Up The Good Work!

    God Bless America!

  • And let’s not forget the libs’ #LegitamateRape hashtag. By the “standards” they applied to your hashtag, libs were making jokes about rape, making light of it, etc. as well. And the very same libs who gleefully played along with it got all “outraged” over yours. Hypocrites.

  • Step 1) Soops makes up a tag to make fun of leftists’ anti-woman gun denial.
    Step 2) Leftists go ape
    Step 3) Leftists invent the lie that the right is joking about rape.
    Step 4) More leftists become outraged at this newly-minted strawman.

    Deflection by way of lying. It’s the Tao of Stalinism.

  • Renee’ Townsend

    Ana Kasparian is not fooling every one either. This idiot cutie pie is the most ignorant pretentious female in the political forum I have seen and there are a lot of them. Her ignorance stems from the audience she is trying to attract. Next time tell her to do another commentary on duck penis’s and The Kardashians . Address her on her about the fascination TYT has with every thing Fox says and does. Also address her about how she came out and said that people want to see TYT do things on Holly Wood all of the time. She said that yes she did. The chic thinks that her audience is mostly stupid.

    I am not republican and used to really enjoy TYT but TYT is living up to the cliche of hypocritical angry hate everything about America when they sit behind their cozy chairs and yap their stupid agendas while benefiting off of capitalism. Going on about freedom of speech when they are still sitting their expressing theirs.She does not give a shit about this country or the people in it, she just wants a soap box and thinks that fact that she is pretty is going to excuse the fact that she has a stick up her ass.

    Thanks for this article. Wanted to check around the net and see if it was just me that thinks Ana is a freakin’ IDIOT.