The Morons At “The Young Turks” Defend Salazar’s Comments Demeaning Women

This is just too wonderful….

I have a special place in my liver for the idiots like Cenk Uygur at “the Young Turks.” He has all the charisma of rotting roadkill, with the additional benefit of being a dim-witted liberal!

But like with most Leftists, they will utterly excuse offenses to the principles they pretend to have if they come from Democrats.

That’s why they’re agreeing with Colorado State Senator Salazar’s ridiculous comments that women are just too frail and stupid not to shoot at any male who comes within 10 feet of them:

The best part has to be Cenk doing his best to make a joke about my ethnicity – I just can’t be Latino, because there are no minorities who are conservative! LOL!

Genius commentary, pendejo.

With those powers of intellect and humor, I don’t have any hope that they might actually understand that taking away a woman’s ability to defend herself from an evil crime is not really pro-women.

Where was their screeching at all the rapes at the Occupy Wall St. camps?

Did they say anything when liberal maggots Keith Olbermann and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas actually EXCUSED all the rapes?

Click on the image to see examples of all the rapes at OWS events completely ignored by leftists like the Daily Turks.

Read more about what got them so angry:

Liberals Foaming At The Mouth Over My Hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape