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Alaska GOP Congressman Stupidly Gives Lapdog Media Another Occasion to Screech “Racist!”


The liberal media is taking absolute delight in taking another idiot GOP politician’s words to beat the rest of us over the head with.

In this case it was Alaska representative Don Young, who used the term “wetback” which is very offensive to Hispanics:

During a visit Young made to Ketchikan, KRBD-FM interviewed him on a variety of issues pertaining to the economy and Arctic development. Young mentioned the role technology played in advancing economic development, using an example from his farm days in California.

“My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” Young said. “It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”

I took to twitter to express my frustration and anger at this, and unfortunately, I got some push back from some conservatives. Now, I agree that the liberal media completely embellishes these stories while covering up or not reporting at all those similar stories on the Left.

One perfect example was from this weekend when the Palestinian Authority’s militant wing Hamas posted an article calling Obama the “Jewish Organ-Grinder’s Monkey.” If an individual on the Right had said this, they would have been captured, shaved, jobless, and tarred and feathered within the hour of utterance. But because it’s Jimmy Carter’s best friends forever, the crazy Hitler-loving 911-denying Palestinians, it wasn’t reported at all.

However, Young’ comments are still offensive, and plain stupid.

The problem I have with anyone defending his comments is that it seems like a knee-jerk conservative reaction to leftist knee-jerk screeching of “racist.” We don’t have to defend every conservative against accusations of racism, and in this case, we shouldn’t.

Defend conservative principles and values, don’t stubbornly defend Republicans when they say something stupid, especially when it’s feeding into leftist stereotypes of the GOP.

Young issued a statement Thursday night in which he didn’t apologize for the remark, but attempted to place it in the context of vocabulary at the time.

“During a sit down interview with Ketchikan Public Radio this week, I used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in Central California,” Young said. “I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays and I meant no disrespect.”

Whether you want to accept that “wetback” is an offensive term or not, this is not the hill we want to defend in this political battle. We need to face demographic reality, and reaching out to Hispanics is a becoming more and more of a necessity – in order to not give in on our conservative principles, we’re going to have play the optics game much better, and this is not how you do it.

So Obama gives $500 million of your taxpayer money borrowed from your children’s future and gives it to people calling him a monkey. An idiot GOP representative makes an offensive comment which mostly has absolutely no bearing on policy.

Guess which you’ll hear about more?

However, we whine enough about media bias when it’s unwarranted – let’s not give them real reasons to smear us with.


UPDATE: @RBpundit of the Right Sphere is calling for Young’s resignation.

  • Andrew Young

    So Rep Young, “that was the term used back then and didn’t think it was disrespectful” what? It was disrespectful then as is now. Ugh, whatever happened to thinking before speaking?

  • Regardless of whether it is racist, it clearly is a stupid thing to say. We can scream about the double standard and media hypocrisy all we want. However, bottom line is we should know by now that as Republican you are not going to get favorable coverage (unless you say something criticizing fellow Republicans) so it is important to choose your words carefully.

  • mike

    Report on the lefts hypocrisy, by reporting on the left’s hypocrisy and not just mentioning it in a story about the right and I might take these things more seriously

  • Rep Young is the perfect example of what we need to purge from the party. First of all, anyone that talks about how things were “back in my days” sounds like someone who has been more of a part of the problem than someone with fresh ideas and solutions to them. His terminology reminded me of my grandma unwittingly using terms that are no longer acceptable. Sure enough, I looked him up and he’s a longtime Congresscritter who’s 79 and facing an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. These people loose elections and have no place in the future of the GOP. The RNC should be putting the pressure on him to resign, especially when he never apologized for his remarks, only attempted to clarify them.

  • Wonder if he would have gotten the same pushback if he had used the word “mojado” because I know that was invented by a white guy….

  • maybetoday777

    You people are idiots at how such WORDS offend you so easily. This is the way ALL Idolators are who get their thinking from tv, radio and newspapers. Youre the problem just as much as the Rep is. Every little things offends you that isn’t important and all the big important things dont offend you at all.

  • foxnewslatino led with this story.

  • StrangernFiction

    Heritage Action scores:

    Don Young – 38%
    Lisa Murkowski – 43%

    Conservatives don’t need to defend Young, BECAUSE HE’S NOT A CONSERVATIVE!

  • jmb1

    Racism in the fabric of the GOP and you try to deflect it with something the Palestinian Authority’s Hamas said about Obama???