Graphic New Video of Chris Stevens in Benghazi Hospital; Ansar Al-Sharia Credited


While Republicans try to get to the truth behind the ridiculous reaction the Obama administration had to the Benghazi attacks, and Democrats do their best to protect Obama from attacks, this video should remind us of why this issue is so important:

Testimony has noted that the decision was made to abandon the embassy when they discovered that Ansar Al-Sharia had been credited for the attack. This was known to the White House in the hours during the attack. So why did Ambassador Rice say there was no evidence that it was planned beforehand and that it was spontaneous?

The reason the motivation behind her talking points is important is that it may be the same reason there was no aid offered to the victims at the Benghazi attack. So where has the media been on this?

How come it took a lone mexy-blogger to do what the gringo media just won’t do.

This video was posted on youtube the day after the Benghazi attack – how come it hasn’t seen any press till now?

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