Mexclusive!! IRS Releases New Simplified Tax Form 1040 TEA-EZ for Tea Party Taxpayers!!

Fresh off the IRS scandal that has rocked the Obama administration and gotten official Lois Lerner in a lot of trouble, the IRS is releasing a new simplified form for Tea Party patriots!! And WE at the Sooper Mexy Blog have gotten our brown little greedy fingers on a copy before the big review!!

So exciting!!!

Well stop freaking out and read it already!!!

If anyone is bored and actually computes their taxes under the new 1040 Tea-EZ form, please post it in the comment section!!


  1. Crap! Looks like I’m out 783,955.00 bucks! I didn’t even get a deduction for my Bible!

  2. I’m gonna need a CPA to count my ammo. Is that $50 a pop even for 22LR? I might have to go to the range before I do my taxes.

  3. well, at least they are just taxing the round, and not the caliber.
    That would cost me millions.

  4. Ow. I can’t stop laughing. And that’s even though I haven’t made enough money in my entire life to even cover the racist melanin thing or my breeder quotient. Crap! You bastard. What about my hunting dog? Does that mean I need to do a 1040A with a special addendum? Sh**! I can’t even do your freakin’ EZ form! I don’t usually cuss on line. Bah! Come ‘n get it, “tread on me” indeed. Racist.

  5. I owe $3,850,000.
    I must have done something wrong, I thought I would owe more.

  6. Love it. πŸ˜€

  7. That was brilliant

  8. So TOO funny!!! I love this – thanks πŸ˜€

  9. Love it but we are boarding the plane for Belize before our passports get pulled.

  10. I’m pulling the race card and saying “I’m brown-skinned therefore i should get money back”.

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  12. I will be sending $755,250. Thanks for making it easy, ese.

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  14. Outstanding job

  15. I’ve improved my position in commodities, now I owe $8,906,000.00.
    That’s better, but I need to do even better.

  16. Brilliant & well worth the wait!!!

  17. And the Illegal alien Mexican tax form is the ITIN..They use to steal 4.2 BILLION in just one year with FRAUD…Difference is, my U.S.Treasury report is REAL… http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/auditreports/2011reports/201141061fr.html#detailedobj

  18. What trouble has Lois Lerner gotten into? A reporter at her door?

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