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Mexclusive!! IRS Releases New Simplified Tax Form 1040 TEA-EZ for Tea Party Taxpayers!!

Fresh off the IRS scandal that has rocked the Obama administration and gotten official Lois Lerner in a lot of trouble, the IRS is releasing a new simplified form for Tea Party patriots!! And WE at the Sooper Mexy Blog have gotten our brown little greedy fingers on a copy before the big review!!

So exciting!!!

Well stop freaking out and read it already!!!

If anyone is bored and actually computes their taxes under the new 1040 Tea-EZ form, please post it in the comment section!!

  • sentforth5

    Crap! Looks like I’m out 783,955.00 bucks! I didn’t even get a deduction for my Bible!

  • Pablo

    I’m gonna need a CPA to count my ammo. Is that $50 a pop even for 22LR? I might have to go to the range before I do my taxes.

  • ooddballz

    well, at least they are just taxing the round, and not the caliber.
    That would cost me millions.

  • Aleta Groenig

    Ow. I can’t stop laughing. And that’s even though I haven’t made enough money in my entire life to even cover the racist melanin thing or my breeder quotient. Crap! You bastard. What about my hunting dog? Does that mean I need to do a 1040A with a special addendum? Sh**! I can’t even do your freakin’ EZ form! I don’t usually cuss on line. Bah! Come ‘n get it, “tread on me” indeed. Racist.

  • poppajoe49

    I owe $3,850,000.
    I must have done something wrong, I thought I would owe more.

  • gearbox123

    Love it. πŸ˜€

  • returntoorthodoxy

    That was brilliant

  • So TOO funny!!! I love this – thanks πŸ˜€

  • RapidRaccoon

    Love it but we are boarding the plane for Belize before our passports get pulled.

  • I’m pulling the race card and saying “I’m brown-skinned therefore i should get money back”.

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  • Manny Laureano

    I will be sending $755,250. Thanks for making it easy, ese.

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  • drjohn

    Outstanding job

  • poppajoe49

    I’ve improved my position in commodities, now I owe $8,906,000.00.
    That’s better, but I need to do even better.

  • SuperFash

    Brilliant & well worth the wait!!!

  • Pete Clark

    And the Illegal alien Mexican tax form is the ITIN..They use to steal 4.2 BILLION in just one year with FRAUD…Difference is, my U.S.Treasury report is REAL… http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/auditreports/2011reports/201141061fr.html#detailedobj

  • Capt_Morgan

    What trouble has Lois Lerner gotten into? A reporter at her door?