The First Sooper Mexy COOKING Show!! A Taco-Takedown of the SNAP Challenge!!


For a while, my gringo friends have been asking for me to stop bragging about my tacos and give them a recipe already! Luckily the idiocy of the liberal SNAP challenge campaign has inspired me to catch two chupacabras with one net (it’s a Mexican colloquialism).

SO here you go, you lucky gringos! The first edition of the SOOPER MEXY COOKING show!!! I take the SNAP challenge, and slap it down with my delicious tacos!!!

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While you’re at it, read 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping Mistakes Democrats Made in the SNAP challenge for more hilarity from incompetent and stupid democrats. And see Kristina Ribaldi’s great column at Freedomworks, and for a pretty hilarious audio where we utterly destroy the premises behind this campaign, listen to our podcast!

  • sybilll

    Pendejo, you said “Stab” twice. Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Watch.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    For other ringtones, the commercial “deedeeedadeeepdee” and BOOM…..Manified would be cool too.

  • Lori

    Love the video, but as a white lady I shouldn’t have to tell you, if you put a tortilla w/ shredded cheese in the microwave for 2 full minutes (as you suggested at :55), you will NOT end up w/ a quesadilla. It may not even be edible. A tortilla w/ cheese should only be zapped for about 30-45 seconds, maybe 1 minute if your tortilla and cheese are sooper cold, just out of the fridge, or if you are heating 2 quesadillas simultaneously.

  • Russell Flowers

    Olive oil? I can’t afford that!

  • Russell Flowers

    Listen to this girl, she knows her poverty cooking! 😉

  • yestradamous

    Pinto beans and tortillas are even cheaper. Yum!

  • Mister Duke

    You aren’t Mexican!!! Where’s the Jalapenos, Green Chiles, Ortega Taco powder?

  • Tirebiter

    Just for the hell of it, from memory and this week’s ad’s I put this together, shopping at HEB and Aldi in Central Texas :

    2 doz eggs 1.98

    16 oz cheese 3.00

    1 pound pork sausage 2.00

    10 pounds potatoes 1.98

    18 oz peanut butter 1.99

    24 oz white bread 0.88

    20 ct corn tortillas 0.88

    15 oz can chili 1.09

    42 oz quick oats 2.19

    45 oz country spread 2.00

    24 oz syrup 1.28

    12 oz hot dogs 0.75

    16 oz bologna 0.99

    1 gal milk 1.99

    4 12oz cans pork&beans2.00



    Kings, I tell you. We can eat like damn hell ass kings !

  • DirtyLiberal

    Congratulations, asshole, on cooking *ONE MEAL* for $4.40!

  • Kimmy84

    Er, if you followed the video to the end, he explains how what he bought could last for a week. But why let the facts get in the way of a perfectly good liberal rant?

  • AlamoGal

    I marvel at the difference of flavors between the regions. I simply can’t eat Mexi without cilantro & comino in the mix somewhere – or Taco Cabana…

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  • terrisarten

    Sorry but we Southwestern Latinas use LARD. What’s up with this Olive Oil? Liberal.

  • Of course you’re right. But then I would be accused of advocating unhealthy meals. But the proper way to do it is with manteca. Always!!!!!