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VIDEO: Insane Eco-Protesters Assault Wisconsin Mine Workers: “F**K Off and Die!”


Some crazed eco protesters assaulted mine workers, and recorded their handiwork to present to the world. Well here it is:

They accuse the workers, who are identified as mine workers on the video title, of breaking the law, but then say that there will be an injunction, not there is one already. Still this doesn’t keep the losers from apparently destroying an older woman’s camera, and laughing at it, while yelling obscenities are the surprised workers.

Some highlights:

“Go back to Minnesooota!”

“You country-boy racist piece of shit!”

“I hope you commit suicide and die!!”

“Fuck off and die!”

“You don’t give a fuck because you’re fucking braindead!”

The video ends with, “how do you pause this?” We want these cretins in charge of our natural resources.


From the facebook post:

Everyone’s Water being poisoned, Everyone’s health being threatened, and the pain and hard ship the mining company will bring to everyone! In a peaceful way! By learning from those who should have never had their land taken away in the first place! Then….there is always those people. No one can take responsibility for anyone’s actions but their own. I spent as much time that was allowed, given my busy life…in the Penokee’s, at LCO Harvest Camp. Since the last time I was there I hadn’t unpacked a lot of my camping gear, so it’s been sitting in a corner on my porch. Recently deciding to put it all away, I discovered a camera I didn’t recognize. So I took a look at the pictures to see if I could figure it out. I found out everyone can now know exactly what conspired by the group of anti-mine protesters. Given the recent actions by the mining company…I thought it best to help clear up any more misunderstandings, and share this video with you. In an article on my fb…Bob Seita, a Madison lobbyist representing Gogebic, said the guards are necessary because of a confrontation between 15 to 20 protesters and an unknon number of mine workers a month ago. The mining company has hired guns. It’s my responsibility as a mother of 5 and grandmother, and for everyone I love… to ensure the best for their future…as it is yours.

It seems a little coincidental that a crazy nature nut just happens to find this video – more likely is that she’s trying to keep her participation in the assault anonymous while getting the video published.

Talking Points Memo has more about this story”

 In an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal published online Thursday Bulletproof Securities President Tom Parrella confirmed his company provided the guards at the mining site. He also described “a handful of radicals, what we could consider eco-terrorist types” who had engaged in “strange and threatening behavior” against the workers including death threats posted online. Parrella said his guards wear masks to avoid having “their faces posted all over radical websites” and carry semiautomatic rifles to have “the opportunity to defend themselves and the people at the site.”


  • BeevaloBill

    Yeah free speech. They must not be very proud of their ‘voices’ because they hide their faces and identities.

    I wonder how much human misery and ecological damage was caused by the manufacture of the camera the protesters used?


  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Ashley Judd?

  • AmericanMorning

    Every time I hear about this type of violence, I’m going to cut down another one of my trees. I can use the fire wood anyway.

  • AmericanMorning

    Incidentally, in Florida we have a “Stand your ground” law. These terrorists could have been legally shot.

  • Spiny Norman

    Does this group of spoiled, adolescent “radicals” have a name? May I suggest ‘Fuckwit Nation”?

  • thebronze

    Pussies. On both sides.

  • Nthis

    Shove them all in the FEMA camps.

  • David

    what does PoS mean?

  • David

    actually i think those miners showed great restraint. you may not be aware of how strong and tough hard labor makes a man.

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  • thebronze

    They were COMPLETE pussies for not helping the woman.

  • David

    ah, i see what you mean. although i know what they were all thinking maybe? “this is going to require hazardous duty pay now.” truth be told you sound like a white knight. women need to learn to hold their own as there is not always going to be a man around to protect them or that man once killed the female will be left to fend for herself anyway.