IRS Admits Breach of Records: False Tax Lien used to Defeat Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell in 2010


After months of speculation about IRS targeting the Tea Party, there is at least one confirmed false IRS motion that helped cost a Tea Party candidate a race for the US Senate.

Christine O’Donnell was pummeled by opponents over her personal finances, including a tax lien that was placed on a home she owned. The problem was that she had already sold that home at the time of the lien, and the IRS has since admitted that the lien was a mistake.

Finally, the IRS has also acknowledged that her financial records were illegally accessed by a state official on the very day that she declared her campaign run:

More than two years after her upstart Senate campaign rocked the Delaware political world, Christine O’Donnell got an unexpected contact from a U.S. Treasury Department agent warning that her private tax records may have been breached.

Now Mr. Martel, a criminal investigator for the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration, was telling her that an official in Delaware state government had improperly accessed her records on that very same day.

So on the same day in 2010 that Christine O’Donnell announced her Senate run, a false lien was placed on property she didn’t own, and someone illegally accessed her financial records, which were later used to defeat her.

And yet, there is little curiosity on the part of the IRS to punish those responsible:

Beyond that, Ms. O’Donnell and Senate investigators who have tried to help her have run into a wall of silence, leaving more questions than answers about whether abuses of the IRS system extend to private individuals and not just the tax-exempt groups already identified as victims.

“I don’t know. And I’d like to know,” Ms. O’Donnell told The Washington Times in her first interview about the case. “Because whether it’s one, eight or 80 [cases], it’s an abuse of power at the IRS. It’s using the IRS as a political weapon, and that shouldn’t be done.”

Outrageously, the IRS indicates that she wasn’t the only one targeted in such a manner:

The Treasury Department’s tax watchdog has informed Mr. Grassley that at least four politicians or political donors have had their personal tax records improperly accessed through that system since 2006, including one case in which a willful violation of federal law was identified.

And it seems that the case is considered closed – the Department of Justice is too busy trying to encourage racial strife by pursuing federal action against George Zimmerman to pursue this very important breach of government trust.

Watch this interview with Christine O’Donnell from Fox News Nashville:

  • So they admit to wrongdoing, and close the case? That’s it??

    Holy hell, this is a despotic monarchy under which we are trodden.

  • blujkts

    So I essentially donated money to her campaign only to have her defeated by the IRS? I should’ve just wrote the check to the US Treasury with her name in on the memo line.

  • Happygramm

    Once again – wrong doing in high places and nothing happens – EVER. Benghazi is still a black cloud over Obama’s head but let’s get other scandals going so people can’t keep up with the corruption. Throw in race baiting to keep the fires hot – oh, better not use that term, don’t want to bring up Benghazi! How far will this go? Watch for a move to throw out the Constitution. Not kidding.

  • aliswell

    Not until EVERYONE becomes outraged and descends upon DC en masse will something be done. When Americans are finally pushed to the breaking point, THAT’S when this despotic thugocracy will be dealt with.

    Are we there, yet?

  • nolickspittles


  • Miketrt

    Wow, O’Donnell cleaned up nicely. Friggin’ IRS. Thanks Obama voters, you really did our country good. The most corrupt and dirty admin ever.

  • Miketrt

    No, IRS issues only damage people who have no power. Look at Geithner and the rest of the Obamer tax cheats.

  • Charles Calhoun

    So you can see how we are either not represented or are represented by crooks. our nation and people are in peril. And don’t forgot how they stole Minnesota and thus the Senate.

  • fireboatman

    Christine won the Republican Primary hands down against the long time incumbent Senator Castle, a republican in name only. Castle being a sore looser was bound and determined to wreck Christine’s’ chances on winning the election for state senator from Delaware. In fact the whole organized central Republican Party of which Castle was a member, pulled all support for Christine. Sad, that is how Coons (D) walked in to the Senate Seat from Delaware. Talk about an election that should be thrown out that was it. Christine O’Donnell was very well liked by the voters and I hope she runs again.

  • Dave Antkiewicz

    At least one good thing comes of this. Now that people have seen Chicago politics on the highest stage they will not vote a Chicago politician into the highest office for at least the next 200 years. Thank you Barry O for opening the American republic’s eyes to Chicago politics.

  • Scott Dunn

    I know aliswell, it’s so crazy any more, Satan runs a muck!

  • mfernandez57MN

    They illegally put a false tax lien on her, illegally access and make public her financial records showing a tax lien, and having admitted it, ” the case is considered closed – the Department of Justice is too busy trying to encourage racial strife by pursuing federal action against George Zimmerman to pursue this very important breach of government trust.”

    The Obummer regime is a criminal enterprise.

  • sgt524

    I wouldn’t bet on that, they are low information voters.

  • Bud

    @ sgt524…So true!

  • syvyn11

    Can O’Donnell sue the crap out of the IRS and Treasury?

  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    Once you have been targeted by the Feds or one of their friends like Acorn, and no one will help you standup for your rights and the slander hits, then you understand that Government is not their for you at all.

  • I_M_Forman

    Typical Obama Administration – Ignore it and it may go away. Perhaps Zimmerman should change his name to Ben Ghazi and then the Feds will ignore him too,

  • W Richard Lobell

    time to start cutting budget of these criminal organizations (doj, irs, epa, nlrb, etc)

  • onlyjpw

    This is inherent of the moves any Democrat would make if their kickbacks were in jeopardy.

  • onlyjpw

    People are going to learn the hard way that, unfortunately, the Democrats have no concern of the public. They only want their power and finances to increase, and to hell with the citizens of the US.

  • Alan Beasley-Legacy of Success

    What sucks is the Democrats are confident they can win mid-terms without any chance of getting into trouble. My liberal friends boast how they are organized to take the House back via Voter fraud, throwing out absentee military ballots, IRS intimidation, and a corrupt DOJ that will turn a “blind eye” when Democrats vote multiple times.

    An estimated 3.9 million votes will be cast in critical states by illegal immigrants who are not even US citizens. (Now you understand why certain states fought so very hard to allow non-citizens the right to Drivers Licenses.)
    Another 2.3 million prisoners will cast ballots from prisons with the explicit blessing of Democrat Wardens who openly brag they did so in 2012. It’s not legal in any state except Main and Indiana, but many allowed absentee ballots anyway.

    Pelosi is telling people that: when she returns to Speaker in House in Jan 2015, she’ll make sure ACA is fully funded. (And she winks like a bar hag while explaining why Obama delayed ACA until after the elections.) If you pay close attention to the “wording” used, well you’ll see what’s going on here!

    The Republican Congress is either unable or unwilling to stand up for rights of average Americans. Their plan is to expect people to “rise up”. But since those who “rose up” by coming forward regarding IRS abuses saw nobody held accountable, that’s not likely…

    I hope you’ll remember this post…Nov 4th as the vote counts roll in and Pelosi takes over the House Speaker’s job.

  • Alan Beasley-Legacy of Success

    BTW – When the DOJ raided Solyndra, many of us (like me) were screaming that the only reason they raided the firm was to remove incriminating evidence that Obama received kick backs for giving billions to companies run by contributors.
    Many of you said that was jus paranoid behavior and the DOJ was above that.
    Not one charge as been filed and if you are still expecting charges, I have a bridge for sale…

  • Pizzaguy

    No, Nixon was worse. Wait – no, he wasn’t and he was GONE in 60 seconds when we learned about Watergate.

  • Pizzaguy

    But they are doing it for your own good!

    Hell, somehow – don’t expect me to explain those creeps.

  • TokyoTengu

    What a lot of people need to get dialed in is that this is precisely how the US Government will enforce passport control in the age of Obamacare.

    Say you’re a cardiologist in Chicago that is tired of the drugs and the crime… Tired of working for the slave wages that the Department of Health decides you deserve for your services. Suppose you get a nice offer from a clinic in Costa Rica or Taiwan… great pay, great weather, bennies…

    Alas, as soon as you make your plans known, WHAP! The IRS puts out a tax lien and a passport hold. Oh, you can fight it. You may even win, but it will take time, lots of legal expenses, and the IRS can always find new ways to dick with you.

    Of course, soon after the initial filing, some IRS flunky will let you know (quietly) that all your tax problems will go away if you just STFU, sit down, and forget about leaving. You see, the President is counting on you… you don’t want to let him down, do you?

  • Ron04

    so when does she file the civil actions ( and civil rights violations ) ?

  • Jeff

    So that’s why the government needs all those bullets. So it can enforce the law and bring all the wrong-doers to justice.

  • LMS

    Obama has made thing bad enough since he has been in office, if there is a movement to “throw out the Constitution” I can very well see your life being in danger. So, Obama before that happens why don’t you resign because I don’t think that the Secret Service is all that happy risking their lives for you! And Obama voters, thanks for making this great country worse than it has ever been!

  • LMS

    At least Nixon was man enough to resign when he realized he screwed up!

  • Rocky Chambers

    I am…I’ve had enough of these PC Tyrants!

  • Conservative Witch

    This is an example of Eric Holder’s criminality. Holder is a criminal and should be convicted, sent to prison and disbarred.

  • notawitch

    I think she lost because of here politics and witchcraft stupidity, amongst her other foibles which made her ridiculous as a senator.