13 People Who Want the Royal Baby, Not the Patriarchy, to Choose its Gender

Presented without commentary. Or very little of it anyway.

  “Dove” is a person of transgender choice:


“Heteronormative” means imposing traditional standards of gender:


Karl is a self-described “queer” from Ireland:

A feminist:



From San Francisco!


He got into a little tiff over it:

Another foreigner!



A “Queer Arachnofeminist”:

Some more on Storify. H/T @GenStuart

  • Smokey Behr

    Talk about mental illness, we have 10 different examples of denial and projection above.

  • Ze?? Zir??

    I thought we spoke English here. Yes, I denounce myself.

  • adam

    LOL I can’t even come up with a response to this nonsense.

  • Nthis

    Notice the similarity between most (if not all) these people tweeting these things.

    White ✔
    Liberal ✔
    Mentally Deficient ✔

    Perhaps, one could say, they’re even the products of overpopulation, faulty over-breeding.

  • RKae

    …or college.

  • RKae

    That “human sexuality class” comment really irks me. One of the biggest mistakes of the last few centuries has been the invention of “human sexuality.” It’s just sex. You do it. Usually, it makes a baby. You put your pants on and get on with your day. It’s a disaster that people tried to 1.) make it into a hobby 2.) make it into an all-consuming obsession, and 3.) make it into an area of study.

  • Hola Backgrinder

    Want to piss off a mother? Refer to their new baby repeatedly as “it”.

  • Totally off topic, but your avatar made me snarf coffee 😀

  • Spiny Norman

    Humanities Departments have a lot to answer for.

  • Spiny Norman

    Oh look! Elitist white liberals trying to be edgy and subversive… and all we get is mental masturbation in public.

    Of course, then they’ll whine and cry when they’re mocked.

  • Kevin Scott

    Whoop! (Class of ’97)

  • Class of ’89, officially an Old Ag 😉

  • Steve Corner

    Of all the fucking things to be upset about. Holy crap.