Hey @HuffpostDenver – Where’s this McDonald’s “Study” You’re Citing From A University Student?


This story caught fire yesterday, and immediately raised my BS-meter to maximum stench:


The problem is that they don’t post the supposed “study,” and at first misrepresented the author as a “research assistant” but later had to issue a correction. SO where’s the study, Huffpo?

They didn’t even describe his method at first, but after having to correct their admission, they added a very simplistic explanation. Again, without looking at the study, which isn’t provided, no one can tell if the student accurately took into account the difference between McDonald’s franchise revenue and their own revenue, and the associated wage costs. Even if he had, there’s absolutely no understanding of the elasticity of prices, and how raising the price of a product will almost necessarily precipitate lower sales. Blogger Tom Maguire goes into further detail about these problems.

Whenever conservatives make a claim they sic Politifact on us like a rabies-stricken foaming-at-the-mouth attack squirrel. But leftists can make whatever claim they want based on some student’s scrawlings on a napkin, and they go viral without any critical thinking!

What’s more, is that with all the 7,000 facebook likes, and more than a thousand tweets, all of these damn idiots didn’t question the study enough to actually look for the damn thing?!


And WE’RE supposed to be the irrational party, right? Screw you, you witless intellectually dishonest maggots!!

Ok. I’m calming down.


No really. I’m calm. I’m cool.


The idiot editor-in-chief at ThinkProgress actually tried to repost the “statistic” and completely misrepresented the claim:


Don’t click on the link and give him any more views, but the very first paragraph of his article ACTUALLY DISPUTES HIS IDIOTIC TWEET:

If McDonalds were to double the salaries and benefits of all of its employees, from the CEO down to the minimum wage cashiers, it would still only cost an extra 68 cents for a Big Mac, according to a new report by the University of Kansas.

EVEN IF IT WAS TRUE. which we don’t know because the study hasn’t been released, this idiot’s tweet statement is NOT what the article says! Just incredible. When I called him out on his deception he just completely ignored it.

Why? Because lying pendejos lie. That’s why!


  • Pendejo canoe is my new favorite.

  • spongeworthy

    The student completely omitted the franchisees from the analysis. That’s a huge error, and KU ought to be hanging their heads in shame.

  • Dundertaker

    The problem with the entire logic of their argument is this: Companies are not created to create jobs, they are there to create profits. The question is moot. They pay what the law says they have to and what the market demands to get the skilled labor they need. To do anything more than that would be a disservice to the shareholders and customers! Adding a single penny to the cost of a product that isn’t necessary is wrong.

  • DaveinTexas

    I mentioned yesterday 85% of the restaurants are franchisee owned/operated. Completely different cost structure with different operating expenses. This is total bullshit, I doubt they could do the math.

  • Rick

    someone should ask the cane cutters how demanding higher wages worked out for them , how difficult would it be to make a machine to flip and assemble burgers

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  • Phil Grassroots Green

    Your mother should have taught you a wider vocabulary when in opposition to any subject matter. If you know you are right then be eloquent about it. Regardless of flaws or intentional or unintentional omissions in a study, these workers deserve a living wage. It astounds me that people like you jump on a bandwagon of public campaign against a group of workers at the bottom of society. You do it without thought or basic analysis of human life. Spare me your numbers games and statistics and hear this. THE MIDDLE CLASS PAYS FOR SUBSIDIES (state aid and food stamps) in taxes from our checks. If your overall or hidden argument is that this will not work wake up and realize we are already paying for the other $4-8/hr increase directly from our middle class paychecks. Simple math here for the rethuglicans. Let the more wealthy pay more in direct wage increases for these workers.

    We all know they won’t get $15/hr so put your trumpet down it is evident. The point for all you financial scholars is to raise the standard of living in this country. More pay for WORK. Not less pay for work and more food stamps that come out of my check. Who the hell raised you people?

  • rlkerux

    “Your mother should have taught you a wider vocabulary when in opposition to any subject matter. If you know you are right then be eloquent about it.” And then you resort to name calling. Hmmm.

    Also, where is it written that people are to be paid a “living wage”? By the way, what is a “living wage”? I want to work 20 hours a week and vacation 3 months of the year in Europe, I want to have two new cars (Mercedes or Infinity) every two years, I want to live in a house that is at least 3,000 sq. ft. and have a vacation house in Montana. This means that my living wage must me somewhere around $500, 000 or more.

    I don’t think McDonald’s is going to pay me “my” living wage.

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    Remind me of what “name” I called anyone. Also, please speak intelligently and with sense when having dialogue with me. Everything you said does not deserve a response because quite frankly its stupid. You need to hear the truth when you respond in such a way. $7.35/hr is bad. Also, please focus on the specifics in my post rather than wasting all of our time. Put some substance into your public posts.

  • allupinya

    You then have to realize that the Government will NEVER unfund those subsidies and food stamps.

    So, what is your point?

  • allupinya

    Remind me of what “name” I called anyone

    Remind me what a Re”thug”lican is again?

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    The point is , Allupinya, that they are immediately unfunded when a person is making enough money to support themselves. Boom. Problem solved. Money comes out of the top earners paychecks and not the middle class. Rethuglican is a derogatory term for a republican by the way.

  • Allupinya

    Study up on when a bloated government freely gives up money allocated as welfare.


    Your little theory will not magically lower our taxes. The state of CA has yet to recend any “temporary” sales tax increase. There have been three in the last 10 years.

    Your liberal losers just love to spend other people’s money to promote your failed social agenda, and apparently will lie and deceive to any extent possible to do so.

    Pretty easy to do when you have all the low information voters on your side

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    Again another highly educated republican ignores plain text and focuses on whatever she wants to speak about. I find it odd that so many of “you good people” are so educated on this post yet complain that someone else has placed a value on your work and you have blindly accepted it. I’m all for education but if the collegiate result is to end up as brain washed as you are then I prefer to learn more about what it is I love in life and not take the path you took.

    So many of you have said things like, “I have a degree and I don’t make that much.” Well organize yourselves and join a damn Union where you have a voice.

    You have accepted what another person or group of people have deemed an appropriate level of pay for your work without challenging it at all? #Zombie republicans.

    You also misquoted me when you allege I said it will lower taxes. My “little idea” is infact little. Its simple. Make the wealthier people pay in direct wages increases instead of taking it out of my check. Another idea is that they should pay their fair share in taxes….Then maybe, just maybe, our taxes would be lowered. But let me guess, you voted for Romney and supported tax breaks for the 1% as well.

    You may as well leave the country. I don’t expect another republican elected as president for quite some time. In fact I think were going to try a woman next time. Serves you all right.

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    Day 1 of not eating fast food in support of fast food workers. Yes they asked for $15/hr. We know they most likely wont get that much and yes we know the franchise structure is different. The point is to raise the standard for what everyone else considers the crappy, greasy, long hour, low to no benefit jobs. We also know that some of you who work in different industries may not make a lot of money. But guess what…. YOU ALSO ARE NOT TAKING ACTION by joining a Union or demanding anything change. The fast food workers are at least trying. Get on the band wagon or shut the hell up. Carry on chaps.

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    Quick question. Why are you not able to include student loan debt in personal Bankruptcy when corporations can include entire Union contracts and 30 year pensions in corporate Bankruptcy? Wake up and curse out a congressmen tomorrow.

  • Steven DePriest

    Actually, the simplest tax form is a flat tax. It’s the size of a post card and takes about 5 minutes to fill it out.

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    What does your flat tax do for the worker…exactly?

  • mikeh420

    Where are these supposed $1.28 Big Macs? They’re around $4 now.

  • emaleroland

    It let’s them keep more of the fruits of their labor and eliminates the double-taxation they’re being subject to now. You clearly do not understand quite a few things. Let’s list some of them, shall we?

    1. Punctuation – its and it’s and of course commas to go with your sentence structure. I’m not usually the grammar Nazi but when you consistently berate the other side while making simplistic errors, it needs to be pointed out.

    2. Economics – If you and a competitor have a $1 menu? Raising your price above $1 does what for your competitor, in a free market economy? It gives them an advantage.

    3. Free markets – “You have accepted what another person or group of people have deemed an appropriate level of pay for your work without challenging it at all?” Yes, because, in a free market, you either take the job or your don’t.

    If Burgers R Us is paying $15/hr, they’re doing so because it’s sustainable in the market place or they went to the Rocko School of Business, as you did, and will soon be out of business. In order to pay more than your competitors you have to be bringing in more than your competitors for that disparity.

    At the bottom level, as you put it, you do not have any negotiating power. What the government is doing is increasing costs in two areas, taxes and minimum wage. Moving people to welfare will increase taxes, which is obvious, but will also increase costs of doing business for businesses because they will have to raise their wages, as an incentive, to fill low paying jobs. This is why a “minimum wage” is not part of a free market society. Controlling costs or pricing takes away the ability of the market to work. It hurts business, competition and growth In turn, it hurts profits, investors, consumers and the economy.

    As costs increase, businesses can either consume these costs, thus decreasing profit margins and stock prices or they can increase prices and pass these costs onto the consumer. Hurt the company which could lead to laying off of employees and scare away investors or raise prices and hurt the company by giving price advantage to competitors, hurt the consumers with higher prices, thus hurting patrons, especially low earning patrons, or decrease sales, further hurting the company and possibly causing more employees to be let go. It creates a downturn for the business which is never good nor sustainable.

    There is a term for this in communication. It’s called a slippery slope. In a free market, it’s called a going out of business sale. In government it’s called political tyranny. In Liberalville, where you live, it’s called Utopia.

    4. Fallacious arguments – to any thinking person, they’re self-evident. To point out just one, it’s called ad hominem. Every time you use the word “rethuglican(s)” you weaken your argument, lose listeners and embolden your detractors. Think of this debate like a free market. Using the word rethuglican is similar to increasing your costs, unnecessarily, for low paying jobs to make them livable wages and your competition now considers you and ally, instead of an opponent.

  • emaleroland

    Phil, what do you do for a living?
    Where do you work?
    How much are you paid?
    Are you in a union?
    Do you own a business?
    Have you ever owned a business?
    How many people are you currently employing and what are you paying them?
    It’s all about what others need to do with their money, right Phil?

  • emaleroland

    You don’t understand the differences between an individual and a corporation?

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    I would answer those questions if you had any authority to ask them but you do not. Ask a different question. One that interests me preferably.

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    No I do not. Would you be willing to spend a few moments of your life typing a detailed comparison? Interested to see if you actually do.

  • Phil Grassroots Green

    I ignore grammatical corrections. Its boring rhetoric from someone looking for flaw.

    Re: Yes, because, in a free market, you either take the job or your don’t.

    You’re not the type of man who has a lot of “fight” in you are you?

    My arguments are what they are regardless of the use of “rethuglicans”. How about you focus on the actual idea instead of trying to be the teacher you never became.

    Re: “if Burgers R Us is paying $15/hr, they’re doing so because it’s sustainable in the market place”

    Another blind and mindless rethuglicn believing anything he is told. Conversely you believe if they are paying low wages it is because that is the only sustainable wage correct? Wrong.

    Your parents should have been more involved with that crap your teachers were filling your head with.