Don’t just grouse about the state of affairs in America and in the world… Do something about it! Don’t feel bad if you don’t have money to give either. Time and effort are just as useful, and often moreso – money is used to buy these for worthwhile causes. Cut out the middle man and do some good yourself! Here are some ways in which I think you can further good in our world, and punch evil in the gut:


For ELECTION 2014, we have an excellent opportunity to take back the Senate and severely hamstring Obama’s statist schemes for the last 2 years of his 2nd term. Here are the targets:

IF YOU HAPPEN TO LIVE IN ONE OF THESE STATES: Please keep a close tabs on the Senator named above. We lost elections in 2012 merely because the media scrutinizes every sentence a Republican utters, but gives a free pass to Democrats.

If you see or hear anything that might be potentially damaging to the election of one of these Senators in 2014, please let me know!!

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy would like to commence guerrilla campaigns in each state to assure a Republican, or Conservative win in 2014. If you would like to join our struggle, email me at We should have an application up soon, and your credentials will be checked. Badges and certificates will be awarded based on which level of the conspiracy you attain to, through your activities.

When you have passed the extensive screening process, enter the sooper secret conspiracy underground bunker… HERE!




These are some causes I myself support – show your gratitude and give what you can…

The HONOR FLIGHT Society flies WWII vets from all around the country, who haven’t seen the WWII Memorial to Washington DC.

To learn more about this great organization, CLick Here!!