Wherein your Mexyfriend recommends books he is currently reading, has read, or is writing…

Thomas Sowell
-Really amazing book that describes why intellectuals act the way they do.. haven’t finished it yet, but it’s an incredible read, full of wisdom. I quote it often to my friends!

Mark Thiessen
-Great great book. Marc has an amazing depth of understanding of the issues surrounding the failure of the Barack Obama administration in defending our nation through lawful and justified enhanced interrogation techniques…. highly recommended!

Kenneth Timmerman
-Read from cover to cover and couldn’t put it down. Reveals the inner workings of the CIA during and after the 911 attack, and how, according to Timmerman, leftist elements in the Agency actively sought to embarrass President Bush, destroy his presidency, and embolden America’s enemies in advertantly. A fascinating read, worthy of debate… 9 sombreros out of 10!!!

Jonah Goldberg
-A fantastic defense of conservatives, in an attempt to prove that fascism has its philosophical and historical roots on the left, and not on the political right. Very enlightening… 9 sombreros our of 10!!!

  • ~Rose~

    How do you have time to read anything? You make me feel like a sloth. Stop it: )

  • Shadowman

    Wow Sooper, you’ve read Liberal Fascism too! 😀