Stupid Tweets

I thought I would document some of the stupider tweets I see on a daily basis from the liberal left. Some are attacks on my ethnicity, others just plain old stupid. All are fun! One of the reasons my moniker brings special attention to my being Hispanic is that I know it drives liberals absolutely frothing-at-the-mouth insane to see a ‘person of color’ being so right-wing Conservative. Often, their knee-jerk reaction is to send a racist missive to protest how intolerant Conservatives are!!! So let’s take a look at all the tolerance…


~~   IDIOT TWEETS!!!   ~~


I have to honestly admire this tweet. You can’t be simply stupid to believe this. You REALLY have to work at being ignorant. You have WILLINGLY push facts and history out of your mind and fill it with utter nonsense to think such a stupidly, obviously ignorant idea. So I applaud you, real brother. You have willingly propelled yourself out of the solar system of reality. That is quite an achievement.

 — Friday, October 28, 2011 —

This was in the context of arguing that Atheism cannot provide a rational philosophical basis for denying an immoral act.  I think it’s worthy of debate, and can respect someone defending the opposing view. However, all I got was rabid stupid militant Atheists who could only spurt out “but your Gawd killeded the peeple!” Anyway, this was the apex of the idiocy. I just had to retweet it and cap it:

Lesson – calling someone stupid is narcissistic. Calling them dumb is genius!


 Note the screenname of this genius:

 “Are you like.. just as dumb.. as like.. my name is? duh?” Amazing. lol.

submitted by @KesGardner:

Left Wing Nut Job @SHOQ is always good for extremely idiotic tweets – this one is a doozy:

 —- Vaguely Anti-Semitic? —

I try not to argue with ROn Paulestinians, but they often come after me because I make fun of the good addle-brained doctor. Eventually though, we always argue to something that a filthy liberal would say:


This little doozy from one of our favorite hollywood liberals just kills me:

That’s just hilarious! Can’t wait till the Green Industry hits the heights that Detroit has recently! [note: he was  a special target of mine even before we had our famous twitter feud].

 — Thursday, October 20, 2011 —

I have no words. Just incredible.

 — Saturday, November 26, 2011 —

Polymath22 has trolled me for a while before making the common liberal suggestion that I should be deported to Mexico – while they screech about the racism of Conservatives…

Friday, May 27th 2011: 3:11pm —

This is precious.. I love how this guy tries to make me feel bad that I’m not Mexican enough because I’m not a leftist, and then he uses a racial slur against me!! Obviously he cares a lot about Mexican identity…

What the hell is a “Koran” honored vet? I’m sure he means Korean. Notice he doesn’t assert that he’s successful at all – most likely he’s living off the hard work of his parents. What a career he has ahead of him, being a whiny community organizer, living off of the work of others!

 — Monday, September 27th 2011 2:49am —

This genius immediately went to the racist angle after I accosted her for using the epithet “teabagger.” These Obama-supporters are very ‘sensitive’ to criticism!

Then she followed up with this missive. Apparently in this Obama-supporter’s world, all Mexicans are illegal? And also, no one should care about what happens to the greatest superpower in the world unless you’re American. She could be Obama’s foreign policy advisor.

 Saturday, October 5th 2011 9:45pm

The Racist Ron Paulbot edition!

I’ve neglected my duties in documenting all the stupid tweets sent at me. This one came special from a Ron Paul supporter, after telling me she’s logical. Of course, it is logical that all people who are ethnically Mexican are pro-open borders, right? Right. I wonder if she read that in a Ron Paul newsletter somewhere…

Wednesday, January 25th 2012

ANOTHER Ron Paul supporter! Geez.. I’m getting more racist tweets from Paulestinians than Liberals these days. Good job guys!


  UPDATE: January 31st, 2012, 2:31 AM

This Robin Drain is aptly named – she is a drain on our intellectual reservoir:

When I challenged her on it, of course, her only resort was to taunt my ethnicity – those Ron Paul newsletters taught her much. After trying to explain to her the difference between a “tenet” and a “tenant”, she came back with this genius missive:

Then after deriding my intelligence, she tries to blame the mistake on her phone:

Oh Paulestinians. Your brilliance knows no bounds.


 Carlos! C’mon homie! My jokes are old, but apparently your racial epithets are fresh as the spring! lol!

 UPDATE 2:15:2012

I love when people whine about “generalizations” then make their own to justify the criticism… what?

Hypocritical idiocy all within 130 characters! Impressive, democrats!

This next person doesn’t follow me, so apparently, she must search for “Madcow” on Twitter to attack people! lol!

Note – when the tweets are greyed out, that means the person erased their tweet.

Another genius self-described liberal progressive democrat just can’t keep from accusing me not speaking English.. wonder why? He’s just too tolerant of others’ views

and he continues…

 — March 16th, 2012 —

This next genius must be suffering from dementia – he attacks conservatives on twitter for the sake of some kind of “experiment” – proving that… conservatives respond when they’re attacked? That PhD in psychology really comes in handy when trolling on twitter:

— UR Catholic and UR DUMB!!! —

This genius can’t understand a simple logical proposition, so what do all good liberals like him do? Lean on derogatory stereotypes for support… good job on that “tolerance” pendejo!!! lol:

Notice his profile says “Hockey is my religion” – now there’s a deep thinker…

 – – April 9th 2012 – –

This was in the course of debating a liberal about the supposed conservative “war on women”, and this mental incompetent chimed in – apparently employers have no religious rights? When did this happen? I guess only employees have religious liberty! How is anyone this stupid able to look after themselves? Incredibly, you’d have to believe that employers never had religious rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Obama was the first to notice this and fix the incredible oversight! Brilliant!!

And then there’s this amazing accusation:

I considered letting the first one slide, but after this brilliance, I just had to post it. This guy is accusing me of being illiterate. On twitter. After reading my tweets. The stupidity oozes like a pestilent sore.


This genius was stalking a friend of mine, so I decided to go after him a bit – guess what? His FIRST response was a racist one! Ron Paul would be proud! The second racist tweet was to someone else.


Apparently little Tyler Brooks likes to dress up in women’s lingerie, so his mockery means a lot to me. If you want to see him in his maricon glory, click here [caution! dude in lingerie link!].


 This is kinda sad… I used to count Phillip as a friend. But He just doesn’t respect anyone disagreeing with him. So he had to say this:

Now, I leave it to you, faithful readers. Phil asked me to mow his lawn? And then referred to ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Now, he knows I’m an American citizen – why would he make such a reference? I expect that kind of racism from liberals. I honestly feel aggrieved by this racist taunt from someone who pretended to be a friend and a conservative.

UPDATE! 6.5.12

And our first Wisconsin Recall Racist tweet!!!

Not very imaginative. As far as racists go, I’m unimpressed.

UPDATE 6.22.12

Those liberals sure have had a tough few weeks! Losin Wisconsin to the Koch brothers, Obama merely offering a tweet to help Unions, having me destroy MSNBC’s veil of objectivity, Obama’s terrible poll ratings, and Obamacare is probably going be struck down.. I guess that’s why the filthy libs are so eager to be sooo racist!Let’s check it out! It’s important to note that ALL THREE of these liberals attacked me first, and opened up with racist taunts! I merely responded to their “tolerant” liberalism “Bandit” says he’s “Animal loving dirt worshiping Harley riding proud Democrat!And Proud and loud supporter of President Obama.” And yet, how does he argue his case? raaaaaaacism!


Filthy liberal number two of the day!


Wow “swarthy”? lol.. I guess the other Hispanics that have “class” are light-skinned? Can’t be much more clear than that! Pendejo-alert!

Filthy stupid liberal number THREE!

Now this “Cal W Francis” is one class act.. he attacks Dana Loesch by calling her dumb, then completely fails to understand my benign insults! The stupid is strong today:

Now “pendejo” is most certainly an insult in spanish, but it is NOT a homophobic slur, NOR is it racist! This Obamabot just goes on auto-accusation when he’s threatened by a Hispanic conservative! lol!

And when shown up for his stupidity, of course, the frightened, confused, brony liberal can only respond with racism! Love it… they just can’t wait to show how they believe every Latino person is illegal. Brilliant! Phew! Hope that’s it for the day! This page is getting long!! Lay off those bath-salts, leeberals!


My first entry from the #NatGat parade of idiot commie trolls. This moron had blocked me, so he thought it was safe to call me “beansoup” to his pathetic little protester friends… What a hypocrite! lol…  

His profile reads: “Occupier, dreamer,…romantic, activist. philanthropist – Occupy Santa Fe supporter – in Solidarity with Occupy Movement worldwide.” Ah, do you stay up dreaming about new racist epithets for those who disagree with you, Denny? When I caught him, he even tried the “I can’t be racist, I have Mexican friends!” defense:

Libel! Haha, of course he can’t answer me when I ask him if he calls all his Mexican friends “beansoup” – wonder why? It’s a simple question. I love how he ends with “Santa fe!” – I’m so angry I can’t even complete sentences!!

Racist Accusations Against the Sooper!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Occupy Wall Street “people” lately. They had a pretty pathetic National Gathering, after which they went on a 99-Mile March to Wall Street from Philadelphia. I threw some barbs and made some posts that got some people pretty upset. So upset, in fact, that they could see through my mask and tell my secret racist, bigoted Neocon agenda!!! He started off pretty strong here:

Then kinda toned it down:

At least he gave my Honorary Mexican Certificate some clicks… but when he saw my further mockery, then he ramped it back up to DefCon stupidity level 6:

Wow! He knows me so well! The lesson here, folks is that not all minorities are given a pass on racism, but only those that wage it against white people. To make these accusations even MORE ludicrous, he had actually defended Denny Cormier’s racist epithet against me [see above, or click here]! What a genius! lol! He must have learned his brilliant skills of analysis through a “web of intentions” exercise at Occupy!


This leftist weirdo has trolled me before, but this time I must have really upset it, because it opened up with a homophobic slur!

Now this one is really twisted, so I apologize, it’s not for the faint of heart!

And I’M the “sick f**k”? Seems just a tad bit… hypocritical. These occupiers really don’t like you criticizing their movement! He next tells me he’s gonna tell the FBI about my “cyberstalking” which includes, let’s see, reporting tweets, reposting videos, and reposting excerpts from Occupier’s open source material! Is that cyberstalking?! Because if it is, then pretty much every blogger that ever existed is committing a crime! LOL… 


Tonight I led the charge of conservatives to take over a liberal hashtag – and right as I was about to leave, tons of right-wingers absolutely destroyed the original intent of the hashtag. Take a look, it’s pretty hilarious. On the way, however, I picked up a racist troll, who just couldn’t keep from lashing out with racist epithets! On his second tweet:

Immigration.. I mean seriously.. at least be original. Your epithets are dull, homeboy!

Then he employs google translate to try to get me in Spanish!

Sure, “Teabag Shredder” you sure make us teapartiers look stupid with your blatant racism! LOL… what a pendejo moron…


This contribution comes from the putrid “tolerant” halls of the public school teacher lounge. While trying to persuade me that every family in the world should be allowed into America [seriously? yes, he did, Soop], he “sarcastically” accused me of being illegal: I wonder why he used this particular tactic with me? Could it be… my self-identifying as a Hispanic? But, that sounds… raaaaaaaaacist! Good job, pendejo. Next time try to win an argument without resorting to epithets relating to the skin color of your interlocutor.


These are some of my favorite kind of accusations – the “stereotypical racist Mexican” accusation. It is literally self-defeating. I shouldn’t have to explain it….

I have been duly chastised for my racism.



I’ve overlooked quite a few tweets, just because I get so many I have to be selective. This moron attacks me after a nonsensical tweet with the racial epithet “beaner” – because that’s what Hope and Change are all about!

Obama would be so proud!


This maggot liberal has been dogging me for a while. Eventually his racism was so obvious, I had to post it:

Hey thanks, you degenerate! You show what Obama supporters are really about…