Vets & Military Families Respond To Film Critic Who Called ‘Lone Survivor’ A Racist ‘Snuff Film’

lone survivor

While most Americans love the very popular “Lone Survivor” movie detailing the harrowing attack suffered by Navy SEALs in Afghanistan, some on the left have taken the occasion to mock the military.

Film critic Amy Nicholson tried to veil her contempt for the military with a review ostensibly criticizing the movie on it’s artistic merits, but she could not disguise her disgust well enough. She calls the film a “jingoistic snuff film” that boils down the War on Terror to, “Brown people bad, American people good.”

Or how about this description of the SEALs in the movie:

…that makes target practice of our magnificent teams of hard-bodied, hairy-chested, rootin’-tootin’, shootin’, parachutin’, double-cap-crimpin’ frogmen…

She pathetically continues, amazingly, to pretend that her critique is just about cinematography, but really lays out her disgust when relating the main plot point of the movie:

…the guys debate whether to kill the three goat herders who’ve stumbled onto their hiding place — a dilemma that, morality aside, could have been solved if any of them had recalled that middle school logic problem about the fox, the chicken, the feed, and the too-small boat…

Does that sound like she’s criticizing the film or the acts of the soldiers? This moral dilemma actually happened – it wasn’t made up for the movie. She’s not ridiculing the movie plot, she’s mocking the soldiers who died honorably to preserve our freedoms – but she’s too smug and self-righteous to appreciate that fact.

In this day of immediate social media backlash, military family members and veterans took to Twitter to express their outrage at the insulting review:

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I’d like to personally thank all the veterans and family of veterans that made their opinion known on this matter. Nicholson, for her part, only had this idiotic snarky response:


And with that, millions of military families continue to wonder and worry day by day if their loved ones will return alive, and the rest of us try to live up to the great gift we’ve been given by our heroic military. Meanwhile, Amy Nicholson goes back to her sad, empty, ungrateful life, safe in her smug contempt for the sacrifice made for her sake.

God bless America.

h/t Twitchy