Wendy davis-clinton-mole-podcast

SooperPodcast #74: Bieber Busted and Wendy Davis Lies!

Wendy davis-clinton-mole-podcast


Another episode with @DefendWallst cursing at everyone, and @SaintRPH asking important questions while @SooperMexican brilliantly explains all the important news items of the week!

You NEED to listen, or you’re a racist!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Next–nannygate. Poor lik ms d even had a nanny:
    http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/headlines/20140118-as-wendy-davis-touts-life-story-in-race-for-governor-key-facts-blurred.ece. ”
    I was a nanny for the Davis children during Wendy Davis’s senior year at TCU and continued in touch with the family while she was at Harvard. There are inaccuracies in this story. While Wendy Davis was at Harvard, some of the time Amber lived with her and attended a private Boston school and Dru lived with her as well. Jeff Davis and his parents lived together during part of this period, and the three of them cared for Dru and sometimes Amber. The last year of law school, Wendy attend SMU with permission from Harvard Law School and lived with her children and husband Jeff. While she lived in Boston, Wendy also flew home for weekends frequently to be with her family. She was a caring, loving, and concerned mother when I was her children’s nanny; to weigh my judgment, it might help readers to know that I worked for child protective services (then child welfare) for 12 years.
    I’ve had experiences since with Wendy Davis on a non-profit board and continued to be an acquaintance of her and her daughters subsequent to the Davis divorce. While at Dru’s high school graduation party, I talked with another guest who had lived in the trailer park with Wendy and other guests, some with influence and money, and others who were working class. Wendy thought to invite me to the party even though I cared for Dru 16 years earlier. Somehow this article was spun to where her warmth and inclusivity were missing.”