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You’ll Love How Right Wing Families On Twitter Responded To A Bigoted Insult From MSNBC

MSNBC continued its long history of race-baiting conservatives by tweeting out a very offensive bigoted message, but what right-wing families did in reply will show the power of effective social media activism.

Here’s the message that started it all – it accuses conservatives of being against a bi-racial commercial produced by Cheerios:

The tweet has been deleted after a slew of criticism from conservatives, who began pushing back by posting pictures of their families under the hashtag Instead of just angrily deriding MSNBC (which was also done), they shamed the bigoted and absurd notion that conservatives get angry at bi-racial couples by posting these great pictures of proud right-wing bi-racial families.

Conservative warrior Michelle Malkin started the hashtag campaign with an adorable picture of her own kids:

And then the floodgates opened!

Wow.. what a wonderful and positive response by conservatives online that fought back against an ugly and stupid attack from MSNBC. This is exactly the kind of intelligent marketing conservatives need to do in order to push back against liberal lies and smears.

See many more of these beautiful families from the source post at Twitchy.

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