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What A Disembodied Finger In This Politico’s Photo Says About Media Propaganda

I’m sure you came here just to see a disembodied finger, and I won’t disappoint you on that score. The politico in question is Obama’s condescending Press Secretary, Jay Carney, who regularly berates reporters in his quest to subvert and manipulate the truth in service to his master. In a profile of Carney’s wife in the magazine Washingtonian Mom, this photo of the loving family appears:

jay carney washingtonian mom

Cute, isn’t it? But, as savvy Twitter users noticed almost immediately, the picture is photoshopped, and not very well at that. The right side of the book case is a mirror image of the left, which poses a slight problem. A problem I like to call “disembodied finger of a child floating in air”! It’s a common photoshop mistake:

jay carney washingtonian mom-1

Now we’re used to Jay Carney giving us the finger, but to lop off his kid’s pinkie to prove a point is rather extreme. In any case, it’s amusing to note the lengths to which the media will go to make our statist overlords appealing to us. In the run up to the 2008 election, the Atlantic hired a venomous hate-fueled leftist photographer who took unflattering photos of John McCain for their profile.

Funny, I’ve never heard of them “accidentally” hiring a right-wing extremist who took unflattering pictures of our left-wing oppressors. And yet here we have them going out of their way to make the irascible Jay Carney look more human.

In that context, the media giving the American people “the finger” is even more symbolic.

[Note: I had the wrong images up in an earlier version of this post. Sorry for the confusion.]

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney’s Home Has Proudly Displayed Soviet Propaganda Posters in Mag Pic

  • Excellent catch. Can anyone translate the posters? that’s more interesting to me if both turn out to be communist propaganda.

  • Incidentally, the photo of the finger can be found here: http://www.washingtonian.com/mom/images/shipman-press-co-04102014.jpg

  • Even though we are laughing at this stuff, to me I find this stuff really worrisome. We have to really be careful as to what these propagandists are doling out every evening.

  • Claire Keeler

    They copy-and-pasted a lot of the books in the background- not just the one with the finger. It’s really funny that whoever took this photo thought that Carney looked like he doesn’t read enough and therefore needs extra books added in.