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Media Matters’ Oliver Willis Also Threw in on Touré’s ‘White Privilege’ Holocaust Theory

For a few hours, Touré won the title of “stupidest man with an internet connection” away from the reigning champion, Oliver Willis, but the Media Matters glorified intern reclaimed the title with this spectacular entry:

But the race isn’t over! C’mon all you lefty MSNBC contributors, is one of you sleazy and degenerate enough to enter into the sewer with these two and compete for the title? Ed Schultz? Rachel Maddow? Surely one of you is willing to wade into the gutter for your liberal agenda?

You’ll Love These Two Girls’ Adorable Reaction to Their Father Returning From Afghanistan for Memorial Day

  • Even in racism liberals have to upstage each other.

    The millions who died in the Holocaust can’t be reached for comment.

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  • LiberalFascist

    There is no low that is too low for anyone at MSNBC. They are beneath tabloid journalism. Why can’t one of these psychos who try to kill women because they can’t get a date, walk into the MSNBC studios and do the world a favor. Oh I know because they are all fans of the network. Too many more murder/suicides and the network will have no viewers