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Watch: Taliban Releases Video of Bergdahl Being Handed Over to American Forces

Early Wednesday morning a video surfaced reportedly showing the moment when the Taliban released Bowe Berdahl to the custody of American forces.

The entire video is 17 minutes, but the above is the most important part with the actual handing over of Bergdahl.

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  • BigGator5

    Failing. Health.

  • TexasPigHunter

    Words escape me … if at this point the American people do not realize that Obama is a liar, and a criminal then he has carte blanch to do ANYTHING he wants and not worry about any repercussions. America is lost save some dramatic change …

  • MicahStone

    ..–Hillary, like rahmbo, never lets a good crisis go to waste.

  • Huey Freeman

    Did you actually make that? You are insane.