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WATCH Democrat Rep. Ellison Say Samuel Alito Doesn’t Deserve to be Called ‘Justice Alito’

Representative Ellison corrected himself from referring to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito as “Justice Alito,” and instead referred to him as “Mr. Alito” in an interview with Ed Schultz on MSNBC Monday. Aren’t these the same people that whine that people don’t respect the president enough?

  • menunu

    It’s interesting how dems are first to make accusation of activist judges. They have been criticized for Citizens United and Hobby Lobby by left, but the disaster known as Obamacare worked out just fine! Basically, it’s the typical “what did they do to benefit me” routine. They wld not be considered activist by Ellison if they were majority left wing.

    Ellison’s disrespectful jab at Justice Alito was so typical. Libs attack if they have no way to justify their actions. I don’t think that Congressman Ellison shld be respected since that immature comment, so I will just refer to him as Ellison.

    Secondly, going on the “Ed Schultz Show” is certainly scraping the bottom of the barrel. Well, so is MSNBC for that matter. Such a loser!