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‘Well You’re a Dumb@$$ Aren’t Ya?’ -MSNBC Interviews a Howard Stern Crank Caller About Malaysian Flight

On a day filled with very serious and grave news, here’s a video to give you a laugh before wading into the morass of awfulness once more. During their coverage of the Malaysian airliner shot down in Ukraine today, MSNBC’s Krystal Ball breathlessly announced that they had secured a major exclusive from an eyewitness to the attack! That would have been an amazing scoop, except for one thing – it was a crank call.

The caller identified himself as a staff sergeant Michael Boyd told her that he saw the airliner go down from what appeared to be a blast from Howard Stern’s posterior. Rather than realize she had been taken, Krystal amazingly asks for him to continue, asking, “can you tell us anything more from your military training of what sort of, uh… missile system that could have come from?”

His response is priceless, and probably the most accurate thing said in this video.

SO that’s awkard.

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  • Sol T. Knutts


  • KenPrescott

    Krystal Ball…her parents really gave her that name? Sounds like they were hoping she’d become a stripper or one of those Keno girls who could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch…

  • Joe

    Doesn’t her response seem perfectly liberal? Always talking, and absolutely no listening or mental processing whatsoever on anything that they hear.

  • YouHateMe

    I really don’t understand that??? Did she turn her English translation device off?? Gee, what a dumb azz is right. Call screener should be fired too.